English Competition

The first annual 10th grade English competition took place on April 1. Finalists from all the Lutheran schools came to Beit Sahour to participate in the festivities. The competition was arranged by Sister Sylvia and much effort and thought was put into it, as students had to present speeches to audition for the competition. There were 9 participants in total, and 3 judges were present. One came all the way from Cairo to judge! Each participant was given 2 minutes to present a prepared speech. The subjects spoken about varied widely from politics, to music, to Palestinian weddings. After students delivered their speeches, they were given a text to read without much time to study the text. These were difficult texts which measured the students’ reading abilities. Everyone eagerly awaited the results of the competition, while desserts were served. Prizes were awarded and all students received something special for their participation. The audience enjoyed hearing the creative work of the students and the familiar poetry and speeches from well-known English works.