German Reading

Every year a German Reading Day takes place, and this year was a special one for our school, as the competition took place here. On March 28th, the school busily prepared for the event. Students, teachers, and administrators from 8 schools arrived and awaited their turn to present. The opening ceremony included speeches from Principal Salameh, Dr.Charlie, and Veronica and also musical performances by our students. Teachers Zigfried and Nidal announced the details and schedule of the day. The German students presented their prepared readings in front of a panel of 3 judges and were then given an impromptu reading which they had to later present. This was a difficult text meant to test their limits and skills. The competition lasted 3 hours, and towards the end everyone was eager to hear the results. The goal of the day was to encourage all of the students, and to show them that they are all winners. Therefore, every participant was given a prize. Gifts were also given to the judges and the principals from each of the participating schools. After the closing ceremony, there was a reception with delicious food and good company.