Newsletter Sep 26 2010

Our students, staff, and volunteers have been very busy since our last newsletter update. Listed here are our activities over the past two weeks, in this the second update of our 2010-2011 scholastic year.

Events and Activities are listed as follows:

1. Ms. Hanan organized a breakfast event with the 2nd graders this past Tuesday, September 21st. The in-school &nbreakfast introduced the students to healthy food options with which to start the day. They were asked to bring in different fruits, vegetables, breads and other types of food such as yogurt, hummus, olive oil, and za’atar to share with the class. The students put their tables together and shared in the delicious Palestinian snacks. There was a strong sense of the community in this classroom with students sharing not only with each other, but also with the many staff and faculty that stopped in. Trena Montgomery, one of the volunteers from the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program, helped with the breakfast as well, and was even able to snap a few pictures that we have attached.

2. This past Wednesday Beit Sahour Evangelical Lutheran School hosted a reception for Bishop Younan, the newly elected President of the Lutheran World Federation. The celebration began with a parade down the streets of Old City Beit Sahour that was led by the Scout’s brass band, drum line, and color guard. During the celebration, both the student choir and the folk dancing group, Al-Debkah, also performed in honor of Bishop Younan. All students did a wonderful job in each of these groups, and the school was proud to host such a wonderful affair. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a wonderful reception following the ceremonies celebrating the Bishop’s newly elected position. (Pictures attached)

3. On September 23rd, the administration met with the Parent’s Council in order to elect a new council for the coming year and to have a discussion concerning how well the academic year has proceeded thus far.

4. On September 30th, the Beit Sahour’s Al-Debkah folk dancing group will perform at Dar Annadwa for an educational delegation that will be visiting from Germany.

5. On October 1st, twelve of our teachers at Beit Sahour Evangelical Lutheran School will participate in an education conference held at Dar Annadwa (The International Center of Bethlehem). This group of teacher’s will help to meet with the sixty-three people, from five different countries, who will attend this conference to discus educational issues . Ms. Katy, the creative arts teacher at Beit Sahour, will give a presentation about the importance and benefit of the vocational creative arts program that she has helped to organize in Beit Sahour.

6. The two YAGM volunteers, Janelle Neubauer and Trena Montgomery, are in the beginning processes of starting an afterschool “English Club” with the help of Ms. Suhair Sababa, one of the English teachers at Beit Sahour. The “English Club” will provide a place for those students who are interested in the English language to explore different creative outlets in which to use and sharpen their English skills. Hopefully the club will be up and running at full swing in the next few weeks

Second Grade Educational Breakfast
Tuesday, September 21st.

Student praying before diving into their healthy breakfast snacks.

Students enjoying sharing each other’s’ food as well as each other’s’ company.

Different faculty dropped by for a quick lesson in healthy eating as well

Student enjoyed bread, tomatoes, pears, apples, and hummus.


The Celebration for Bishop Younan, newly elected President of the Lutheran World Federation
Beit Sahour Evangelical Lutheran School, 22nd of September, 2010


Members of the Scouts are getting ready to lead the parade through Old City Beit Sahour.

The brass band is ready to go, waiting for the Bishop’s arrival at the entrance of the municipality.

The drum line is on their way to greet the Bishop.

Bishop Younan walks along with the parade through the streets of Beit Sahour.

The parade navigated the streets of the old city, ending at the reception point at Beit Sahour Evangelical Lutheran School.

One of the YAGM volunteers, Janelle Neubauer (second in from the right) was welcomed by Pastor Imad Haddad and the Scouts to participate in the parade with the band.

The student choir at Beit Sahour Evangelical Lutheran School performed for the Bishop. As seen, many of the students are also Scouts and members of the Al-Debkah folk dance group.

Al-Debkah performed two dances for the Bishop during the reception.

The student participation in the Bishop’s reception was outstanding, making such a joy-filled day even more special for all involved.