Newsletter Oct 23 2010

Out students, staff, parents, and volunteers have been very busy since our last newsletter update. Listed here are our activities over the past two weeks, in this the fourth update of our 2010-2011 scholastic year.

Events and Activities are listed as follows:

1. The new Parent Council was successfully elected, and has already met (on October 20) to begin to discuss the students and the community, including the problems that they face and how to incorporate constructive methods to solve them.

2. October 15: The 10th and 11th grade scientific classes ventured over to Bethlehem University to explore an exhibition.

3. October 18: Ms. Hanan arranged an in-school scientific joint program for the younger grades between Beit Sahour and Talitha Kumi School. The activity was held at Beit Sahour and was a great success!

4. October 10-14: The 11th grade scientific class helped to organize a school-wide football tournament among the students. Every morning, teams from different classes would compete in a game of football from 6:30am-7:30am. The 11th grade scientific class likewise won the tournament!

5. October 21: The 11th grade scientific class joined together for a healthy breakfast during the first period. A spread complete with different cheeses, humus, lebaneh (yogurt), and other items drawled the attention of a few administrators and teachers during their break. Everyone enjoyed this community atmosphere to kick off the start of another school day. (pictures attached)

6. Ms. Shadia just arranged to put up new curtains in the 7th grade, who are very thankful.

7. The 10th grade is participating in an on-going professional consulting program this year.

8. The 11th grade is required to participate in community service. Students must choose an institute in Beit Sahour in which to complete their CS (Community Service) hours. 

9. October 19: The Tawjihi Scientific students (12th grade) were in charge of presenting at morning assembly this past Tuesday. Along with many witty and comical quips regarding their time in Tawjihi, they also performed a creative and funny song incorporating the mannerisms of their teachers. They are a intelligent, talented, and creative group! (pictures attached)

10. October 21: The Al-Debkah folk dancing group of Beit Sahour performed at the Seraj Institute this past Thursday. The Seraj Institute is a local organization housed in Beit Sahour with the main goal of taking care of Palestinian youth by helping students as well as joining in solidarity with many groups from Europe and the United States.

11. October 18/20: The English Club met with great success for the first time this week. Around 35 students attended each meeting and participated in a number of games and activities developed around the goals of creative learning. For instance, students were split into groups and asked to create a story only having been giving the setting they would start out in—an underwater adventure. Students immediately began brainstorming their English underwater adventure which they will perform at the next English Club meeting on Monday. Older students will come together on Wednesdays for more advanced learning through different literary analyses, creative writing, and cultural presentations. 

October 19: The Twajihi Present During Morning Assembly

Three talented Tawhiji stduents read off their creative list of “you know you’re in Tawjihi when…”

The Twajihi Scientific class prepares to sing…

…In a comedic presentation, the students mimic some of their favorite teachers


October 21: The 11th Grade Scientific Breakfast


Two of the students get ready to dig into the breakfast spread!

Mr. Ra’ed, the English teacher for the 11th and Tawjihi students helped to organize and enjoy the 11th grade breakfast!

A delicious way to start the day and enjoy one another’s company.