Newsletter Oct 26 2010

The past few weeks have been loaded with many student activities and visits to the school. Listed below are all of the major events and activities from the past two weeks here in Beit Sahour.

Events and activities are listed as follows:

1.) The Xantan group from Germany came and enjoyed their time immensely. They stayed in the homes of different students, and had a full schedule of visiting and touring the sites around Beit Sahour as well as enjoying a day touring and participating in classes at the school.

2.) September 30th: The third grade class enjoyed an educational field trip to the Talitha Kumi environmental center. There the children learned about things like the migratory patterns of birds, the different wildlife indigenous to Palestine, and the importance of taking care of the environment. (Pictures attached)

3.) September 30th: Lutheran educators from five different countries visited the Evangelical Lutheran School and toured the Shepherd’s fields of Beit Sahour as well. This group enjoyed a meeting with Mr. Shawqi to share new ideas with one another on how to continue to improve the school.

4.) September 31st: The education conference held at Dar Annadwa went very well, including the presentation on “Fine Arts” classes given by Ms. Katy, a teacher at Beit Sahour.

5.) October 5th: Two visitors from Switzerland, who have enjoyed a friendly relationship with the school for a number of years now, came to Beit Sahour for a day to sit in on a few classes and talk with Pastor Imad and Mr. Shawqi regarding future school activities. 

6.) October 5th: A group of high school students (11th/12th grade) from Germany visited the Evangelical Lutheran School to tour and visit in with a few classes throughout the morning.

7.) October 6th: The Evangelical Lutheran School held its Student Council Elections. After hearing the students’ election speeches on Wednesday morning, the students stayed after classes to participate in the polls and elect new members of the Student Council. The teacher’s assisted in running the polls and counting the ballots once all the students has voted, and the previous Student Council announced the winners to the student body (who had patiently waited to hear the results). (Pictures attached).

The Third Grade takes a field-trip to the Environmental Center

Students listen as the landscape of the environmental center’s hillside is explained.

The group of students finally arrives at the indoor portion of educational center.

Almost every animal in this wildlife room is indigenous to Palestine. Here the students learn about reptilian life.

There were a lot of examples of birds that populate and migrate through the area.

Mr. Ra’ed, the English teacher for the 11th and Tawjihi students helped to organize and enjoy the 11th grade breakfast!

Students also had the opportunity to visit some exhibits on their own

A few students even took home a small reminder of their environmental education day.


Photos from Student Elections


Students giving their election speeches.

There are representatives from many grades that are elected.

The students listen in on what their peers have to say.

Some candidates even advertised using posters.

Casting his ballot.

Taking time to decide who would be the best representatives on the Council.

The teachers work hard to tally up the votes.

Students wait eagerly to hear the results of the election.

The poles are in, and the new Student Council is announced to the school.