Newsletter Nov 24 2010

Here in Beit Sahour we have implemented and participated in numerous events over the past two weeks. Notice how alongside different usual in-school events many educational activities also centered around themes of the olive harvest and the Reformation. What a wonderful and busy time of year. 

Events and Activities are listed as follows:

1.) Last week, a lecturer came in to educate the 10th grade about the general facts of the AIDS virus.

2.) Students in the 8th-11th grades enjoyed lectures about sports psychology this past week, learning different way to channel their energy and enthusiasm in positive and beneficial ways in all aspects of life.

3.) Parents Council me to discuss suggestions about different educational competitions between classes inside the school and with schools in the area for a fun and varied educational opportunity. The Council also spoke about scheduling lectures for students about in-school violence. All Council meeting are attended by the Principle, Vice-Principle, and 2 other teachers as well.

4.) Students and teachers worked on the Environmental Magazine.

5.) October 29: The 8th grade students from all four Lutheran Schools participated in the Reformation Day celebration in Ramallah at the School of Hope this past Friday. Beit Sahour won first prize in the quiz portion of the celebration. Many teachers participated in running and supervising different programs throughout the day in various capacities as well as different volunteers from the schools.

6.) October 30: Beit Sahour’s Environmental Club participated in the Olive Festival last Saturday. The club won the first place prize for their project about the importance of the olive tree in Palestine as well as the intricacies of Palestinian heritage, religions, and culture. Students of the environmental club also presented a small play about the importance of the olive tree in Palestinian society and how the olive trees should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

7.) November 2: A lecture on First Aid was presented to the 8th grade class in order to teach and educate the students about the importance of proper first aid care.

8.) November 2: Students received their mid-semester evaluations.

9.) November 3: The 6th and 7th grades enjoyed a field trip alongside three teachers this past Wednesday to the YMCA to go swimming.

10.) November 4: This Thursday we invited parents to the school in the afternoon for Parents Day where parents can come and talk with teachers about their students’ performance so as to work in conjunction to aid the students.

11.) Three groups visited the school this past week: one group from the US, and two groups from Sweden. The Group from the United States was able to visit with the 11th grade scientific stream and enjoyed conversation and even a short Dabkeh performance. This group will help sponsor the reconstruction of the blacktop, basketball court area. One of the groups from Sweden, who came on the 3rd of November, was a group of students. 

12.) November 5: BeitSahour Evangelical Lutheran School was one of the many Lutheran institutions in Palestine that participated in the simultaneous planting of olive trees at their respective locations. These olive trees were given by the Lutheran Environmental Education Center at TalithaKumi and planted in preparation for an anniversary celebration of the Reformation in the year 2017. Alongside all of the institutions that participated in Palestine, the Bishop presiding over Wittenberg, Germany, likewise planted an olive tree at the same time in solidarity with the Lutheran churches here.