Newsletter March 31st, 2011

Many field-trips, in school activities, and celebrations have occurred over the past weeks in Beit Sahour.  Here is a look at all we have been up to!

Events and Activities are listed as follows:

  • March 21: Sponsored by an institution out of Ramallah, “Right to Play”, the Kindergarten enjoyed a morning of carnival activities and games.  All of the students were allowed to come to the carnival dressed in their favorite costume.  The carnival activities included races, water games, and hula hoops!
  • March 21: The Dabkeh folklore dance group performed at the local elderly home in Beit Sahour.  The students and the patrons alike enjoyed their time together.

  • March 22: As Mother’s Day was on March 21 in Palestine, ELS enjoyed a Mother’s Day celebration the following day at 4:00 in the afternoon.  Faculty, staff, and all of the mothers of the students were invited to attend.  The celebration consisted of a number of recitations, dances, productions, and a fashion show of traditional Palestinian dresses.  Students ranging from  the 1st to the 12th (Tawjihi) class presented for the packed auditorium.  After the end of the program, the students and mothers were invited to enjoy refreshments and cookies which the Parents’ Council provided for the event.  Each mother left with a smile on her face and a flower in her hand.

Mothers Day

  • March 23: ELS organized a Parent’s Day in order to open up the classrooms to parents who were curious about what and how their students were doing.  The parents from grades 1-6 were able to come and have open discussions with the teachers about their children’s performance in school and how they could improve.
  • March 24: The 6th and 7th classes took a field trip to the International Center of Bethlehem, Dar-Annadwa, to enjoy a sketch/play performance by the Diyar theatre troupe.  The play was an open-ending script, allowing the students to invest their minds and determine how they believed the play to continue.
  • March 24:  Ms. Muna arranged a breakfast with the 9th grade to enjoy in each other’s company for a relaxed and healthy morning meal.
  • March 25:  The Environmental Club arranged a trip to St. George in Jericho, in the surrounding areas of Jericho together for a day.

  • March 28:  Liza Coomps, from Wales, met with a few teachers and volunteers in order to begin a possible curriculum in music therapy at the school.  Within the next few days, Liza organized 7 different music therapy sessions with groups of 5 students at a time.  Hopefully, with continued training, ELS can use music therapy as a support system for students.  Liza is a lecturer at Wales University.
  • March 29:  Miss Shadia, along with YAGM volunteers Trena and Janelle, took the 11th grade humanities class on a fieldtrip to a local cosmetic factory, organized in Beit Sahour.  The class is currently learning about the properties and biology of skin, and the trip to the cosmetics factory was a first-hand look at how to care for skin properly with different natural creams and oils.
  • March 29:  A group from America enjoyed a visit to the school.  They were greeted by Mr. Salim for a tour of the school and an explanation of ELS’s history.  Principal Shawki then showed them the church building and the schools workshop where student produced items are sold to help benefit the school and the student’s education.

  • March 31:  Faculty, staff, the Parent’s Council, and the Tawjihi students joined one another for a the annual Tawjihi lunch at the Grotto Restaurant in Beit Sahour.  The Tawhiji students are now finished with their classes, set now to study for both the school and governmental exams coming up.  The lunch was in celebration of their accomplishments so far.  The students arranged a program to thank their teachers by way of different sketches, dances, and performed music.   We are all very proud of them, and wish them all luck as they begin their rigorous review for their multitude of exams.