Newsletter May 16st, 2011

 Activities and events are listed as follows:

Thursday, May 5th: The students from 6th through 11th took a field trip to Megaland for the day. IMG_3892_copyMegaland is amusement park up north in Tulkarem, near Nablus, Palestine.  During the visit, the 150 students enjoyed the many rides and activities available to them for the day.  There was a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, bumper cars and many other options to choose from.  The heat was unbearable that day so in order to stay cool, we ate lots and lots of ice cream to forget about the heat and enjoy the day.  The visit was enjoyed both by the students and the teachers who were in attendance.  At the end of our time at Megaland, we stopped by a local sweet shop to get some of Nablus’ famous Knafe—a traditional Arabic sweet. The students and teachers were able to buy fresh Knafe for themselves and their families back home.


 Manar Magazine


School issued at the end of May, the annual number of school magazine "Al Manar"` contains news and school activities and articles written by students and teachers  and were distributed to students, institutions and friends of the school