Newsletter April 16th, 2011

Though we look forward to our Easter holiday, we have not slowed down any activities at the Evangelical Lutheran School these past two weeks.  From field trips to competitions to the opening of our art exhibition, the students and teachers of Beit Sahour have been keeping quite busy. 


Events and Activities are listed as follows:

1. Tuesday, April 5th:  The 9th grade students from ELS visited the Silsiam Industrial School in Bethlehem.  During the visit, the students enjoyed an exhibition of olive wood crafts and ceramics as well as exhibits concerning the mechanics of cars and motors, the technical workings of computers, and electrical circuits and wiring.  During this visit, students also were able to watch as computerized machines manoeuvred to cut out circuit boards with mechanic drills.  Accompanied by Mr. Nadime and Mr. Salim, the students learned and witnessed a lot concerning the industrial world.

Ceramics                            Copper

 2. Wednesday, April 6th:  ELS invited a lecturer to come and talk to the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades about the term ‘normalization’ and how this term relates to the Palestinian cause.  This guest lecturer spoke about the positive and negative sides of NGOs and how some NGOs are not necessarily supporting the people, rather seeking a relationship with Israel that undermines Palestinian culture and advancement.  This lecture was an important point for the students to learn, that normalization is a complex issue, especially in relationship to Israel.

3. Friday, April 8th: To celebrate “International Children’s Day” an afternoon of activities was planned by the Lutheran Environmental Education Center for the schools of Beit Sahour.  The event started with a march from the Catholic Patriarchate School, winding through the streets of downtown Beit Sahour and ending at the Evangelical Lutheran School.  At ELS there were various performances and activities held including a magician.  The event was attended by both parents and children of Beit Sahour.

4. Saturday, April 9th:  ELS took the 1st-6th grade to Osh Ghroub Park to enjoy themselves.  Mr. Okay, an acting group, came to perform some sketches for the students which they enjoyed immensely.   There was also a football match between the 5th and the 6th grades as other students cheered and played in other areas of the park.  This day of fun was well received by students and teachers alike.

5. Monday, April 11th:  The 7th-11th grades enjoyed similar activities at Osh Ghroub Park.  For the older student, The Student Senate was responsible for all of the activities including a small meal of sandwiches and soft drinks which were distributed to all of the students as they enjoyed various fun activities.

6. Monday, April 11th:  The 3rd-4th classes took a field trip to Ala-Roub school near Hebron, organized by Ms. Hanan.  This field trip was an environmental education opportunity to learn about organic farming and take a look at a different kind of hands-on learning.  The students were especially interested in the dairy farm area where they were able to feed the cows some hay as they learned about how the cows are taken care of and milked each day.  Ms. Afra and Ms. Janelle accompanied the students alongside Ms. Hanan.


7. Wednesday, April 13th:  Arranged by Mr. Salameh and his office, the Lutheran schools participated in a Math Olympiad for the 8th and 10th classes.  Rev. Emily was in charge of the actual event for the four schools, organizing a random testing time for the students who were not given previous preparation time in order to level the playing field.  All of the Lutheran schools participated at 12:00pm sharp, the students taking the hour and a half long test to measure their math abilities in this fun competition.

8. Wednesday, April 13th:  The Kindergarten went on a field trip to Mary-Dotty Park in Bethlehem.  At this park, the Kindergarten students enjoyed an afternoon of fun, games, and competitions.

Art_Show_39. Thursday April 14th-16th:  The 2011 Art Exhibition took place at ELS from Thursday-Saturday of this week.  The exhibition opened with a small ceremony attended by Bishop Younan, Dr. Charlie, and other representatives of the Lutheran Church and community of Beit Sahour.   Invitations were sent out to all organizations and schools in Beit Sahour, and the exhibit has proven to be quite popular.  All of the art on display is the work of the students from ELS from the 1st grade through the high school.  Pieces on display include painted ceramics, olive wood carvings, copper imprints, canvas paintings, glass work, icon paintings, candles, embroidery, and various arts and crafts of the students who participated in art and workshop classes.  Ms. Katy and Mr. Nadime, the art and workshop teachers, as well as other supporters of Beit Sahour’s art program who come to help with glass work, icon painting, Art_Show_7and oil painting, have worked very hard teach the students to be creative and precise in their exploration of art.  Working hard over the past two days, the hall was transformed into a beautiful exhibition of all of the hard work of these teachers and their students.  The items on display are also available to be purchased, all profits going to benefit Beit Sahour’s programs and tuitions.

10. We enjoyed our Easter holiday celebrations with a short spring break from April 21-30.