January & February Newsletter

After returning from the Christmas Holiday on Jan 10th 2013, there weren’t many activities during January. We were busy making plans for the second and meeting with the teachers so as to prepare. Moreover, we had to sit with the Subject Area/Teachers Coordinators Committee for all subjects, so as to follow up with them. The goal was to encourage the rest of the teachers and to raise the motivation of all the students. We also met with the Parent’s Council to finalize all the arrangements for the Graduation Ceremony next May.


January 18th 2013: The school led a trip to Jericho. The primary reason for going was to take the Environmental Club to Jericho to see for themselves some of the themes that they’ve studied in the school. They visited the Baptismal Site at the Jordan River, spent some time in the center of Jericho and had a barbecue at a local park. It was a fun trip, but the goal was also to speak about the area and learn more based on their interest in the environment.


January 29th 2013: One of the events that the Lutheran Schools in the area hold is the English Bowl. In the Bowl, students must prepare a 2-minute speech, or mini-talks, on a given topic (in English) and present it to an audience which includes a few judges. It’s a great event because it allows for the students to practice their English publically and they also show off what they’ve learned over the years in their English classes. This day the 8th, 9th and 10th grades did mini-talk presentations and we chose five students from each class to move on in the competition. Next month on March 18th we will do another contest between each group of five so as to choose two students from each class to represent the school in the final event, which is on May 11th, 2013 in Talitha Kumi School.


We got a donation from Mr. Nazeh Musharbash, a Palestinian friend living in Germany, to furnish the hall with carpet, so as to enable the students to play and enjoy their time in a safe way. Carpet is better than the hard floor that is currently in the hall and will even be warmer in the wintertime.


January 31st 2013: This was the last day for a two-day German workshop for teachers and students in Jericho. They discussed the style, format and some study techniques as a preparation for the DSD German Language Exam.


The school has set several workshops during January and February with a well-known Medical Relief Organization. They gave lectures to the students in grades 6-10, which were supervised by the school social worker.


In the first week of February, we invited some experts from an institution called “Al Bairuny” to lead some scientific experiments for 1st through 6th grade classes. They performed all of the experiments mentioned in the Science textbook for these classes as well as some new experiments. For example, one of the most popular activities was the bottle rocket experiment. The group stayed for four hours working with these classes. It was a fun, hands-on way to get the students to learn actively in their science classes.


Monday, Feb 4th 2013: A Friend from Germany came to school and stayed for the whole day. His name is Peter Baumann and he is a pastor. He learned about all the programs that the school offers and I also told him about the history of the school. Then, he went to German classes and asked the students some questions about the Language. It was good for the students to have a visitor with which to speak and practice their German.


Tuesday, Feb 5th 2013: A group from the Norway calling themselves Biking for Peace visited the school and spoke about their ideas for making peace. They had been travelling all over the world. They had a tour in the school, workshops, and the church. They visited the 4th & 10th grades. They were impressed with our students and were very eager to talk to them.


Tuesday, Feb 5th 2013: Students from the 9th, 10th and 11th grades went to De la Salle School in Bethlehem attending a workshop entitled ‘How to Invent Electro-Mechanic Items’ which will be done by the Al-Nizak Institution. This group will conduct workshops with the teachers on how to cooperate with students and make their own items. This is a new project that we are very excited about.