March Newsletter 2013

March 5th , 2013 – German competition. Some of our students participated in the German Language Competition between private and governmental schools of the Bethlehem area. This was organized by the German Representative in Palestine. Our students won second place for the 8th grade, third place for the 10th grade and third place for the 11th grade. The students from grades 8-11 participated in a German reading competition in which they were asked to read a passage in German. We take a lot of pride in the skills our students possess and the recognition they receive for the students year after year.

March 6th, 2013 – The school was paid a visit by the new pastors of the English-speaking congregation of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem. They just arrived in the past couple months with their family and were making rounds at all of the Lutheran schools in the area to become acquainted with their colleagues and fellow Lutheran institutions.



March 18th, 2013 – We had an internal competition for the English Bowl and Spelling Bee. Our goal was to narrow our pool down to two students from each class of grades 8-10 for each competition. The final competition will be held in May. We had five or six students from each class compete for each event in our internal competition. It was a very impressive show as all of the students tried their best and were very successful due to lots of practice in the last few months. We chose our winners but were proud of everyone involved. We will now work with the smaller group of students so as to hone in on their skills before the final Bowl in May.



March 21st, 2013 – The school applied for an initiative of “e-learning” with the Bethlehem Directorate of Education and other schools of the Bethlehem area. ELS Beit Sahour was one of five schools to receive the initiative and we will use the new system next term in Math, Physics, and Chemistry and Biology lessons in the classes. This project will be implemented in class from 8th – 12th grade. The school will be provided with the equipment needed for the project from the Bethlehem Directorate of Education. The aim of this project is to design electronics lessons for the students and also including explanations, drawings and short movies etc. It is a very creative and more exciting way of teaching than that to which the students have become accustomed. So, our school has committed to training for an e-learning project. This will involve more computer-based lessons in some of our classes. It involves a process of several workshops for our teachers. We believe that it will have an immediate impact on the nature of our school’s education process.



March 25th - 27th – The school hosted a German group from Xanten, Germany. It was a large group of about 25 students with 3 teachers who had studied about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a class at their school and were spending some time here seeing it first-hand. Several of our students from grades 9-11 housed the students and our teachers housed the teachers. The German students had fun mingling with our students throughout the week. It was a great cultural experience for our school and our students as they were able to practice their foreign languages, learn about a group of people, and make new friends.


March 27th, 2013 – March 21st is a day that is traditionally held as Palestinian Mother’s Day. On Wednesday, the 27th, the school recognized the holiday with some skits and presentations by the students. Students from 1st grade to 6th grade showed off some of their personalities and talents through songs, skits, musical displays, and speeches. It was a fun and exciting way to remind the students to respect and care for their mothers.


March 27th, 2013 – After school we had a lunch for the Tawjihi (12th grade) students with all of the teachers in the school. Wednesday the 26th was their last regular day of classes and they were excited and proud to have come this far. Now they will study for the last few months and take preparatory tests until June when they take their governmental exams. The lunch was at a restaurant called The Grotto. It was delicious and followed by speeches by some of the students, a Dabkeh performance, and lots of words between the students and teachers. This is something special we do every year for the Tawjihi students to show our appreciation for them.


March 28th - April 2nd, 2013 – These 5 days of holiday were reserved for Easter. Our school recognizes both the Western Easter as well as the Eastern Orthodox Easter (which will be in May).


March 1st, 2013: The school administration presented a proposal for the Pontifical

Mission in Jerusalem to build a new iron bridge connecting the two buildings. This will facilitate the movement of the students between the two buildings


March 20th, 2013: The school has renewed the agreement with The Finnish

Organization and Church in supporting two programs: The Vocational program and the Special Education program. Their support has been pledged for another three years. This will help to achieve the Strategic Action Plan of our school


The school participated in a Chess Competition between schools in the Bethlehem

area. It was arranged and sponsored by the Bethlehem Directorate of Education. In this competition George Al-atrash, a student in the 10th grade, came in the first place. He also represented Bethlehem District in The Palestinian Chess Championship and came in the third place.  It is great for George to have represented our school at such high level competitions.


Our soccer team for the secondary grades (ages 15-16) represented the school in the

soccer tournament organized by the Catholic School between the different schools of Beit Sahour. We won second place


Our soccer team for 9th and 10th grades (ages 14 – 15) represented the school in a

soccer tournament organized by the Beit Sahour Municipality between schools of Beit Sahour. We won first place


The school participated in a contest organized by the Bethlehem Directorate of

Education for singing, playing musical instruments and Palestinian folklore dancing. The results were as follow:

a. Our Palestinian folklore dancing group (Dabkeh) won second place

b. Our Choir won first place

c. Two students from the ninth grade who participated in the music competition (one plays flute and the other plays saxophone) both got first place respectively. Another student from the 11th grade won second place in the Oud (a guitar-like instrument) competition.

d. A female student from the 11th grade also won third place in solo singing.


Three female students and one male student participated in the competition for both

females and males, which was organized by the Bethlehem Directorate of Education

in all the Palestinian provinces.


Two students from the 4th grade were chosen to participate in the Arabic language and

scientific skills competition next month. This contest is organized by the Bethlehem Directorate of Education


 The school will participate this coming Sunday in a Scientific Olympiad that is

organized by the Bethlehem Directorate of Education. From this, schools and students will be chosen to participate in the National Scientific Olympiad, which is organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Education. The students from different classes (6-11) will represent the school in different subjects such as: Math, English, Arabic, Chemistry and Information Technology (IT)