Newsletter June 2013

June 1st, 2013:

On June 1st the Dabkeh Group from the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour, accompanied by Pastor Ashraf Tannous and Deputy Principal Mr. Salim Jaber, left the country by way of the Jordanian Bridge to the Netherlands. They were asked to participate in the opening ceremony of the new Pauluschurch in Rotterdam City. The group stayed in the country till June11th.

The main purpose of the visit was to renew the “everlasting friendship” between the Pauluschurch and the school which was established in 1993. Moreover, the Dabkeh Group performed six times in the church, schools, the centre of Rotterdam City near the church and also in the center of the Palestinian community of the Netherlands.

Everyone was very pleased and happy to see and participate in the events, especially the Dutch people. Also, the Dabkeh group enjoyed a daily, condensed program during their stay in the city – it began at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 10:30 p.m.

The Dabkeh group was accompanied by Dutch friends that they met. They visited several places such as: schools, social centers for illegal people who don’t have legal documents to enter the country, churches, fun parks, historical places, museums and the countryside. Also, they tasted different types of Dutch cuisine, which I think they liked especially the Dutch cheese and chocolates.

The group visited a bilingual school, where it received an understanding about the system the community used with their students. In return, Mr. Salim Jaber gave a summary about the educational system of the Lutheran schools.

Pastor Ashraf Tannous participated in the official service of the opening of the Church. He participated in giving the Holy Communion to the members of the church.

In general, the visit achieved its purpose in renewing the relationship with the church which will have a great impact on the students and school for the future.

. June 4th, 2013:

The Kinder-garten Graduation we hosted a commencement for our Kinder-garten graduating class. Every year we have a graduation at the beginning of June to congratulate the students. The parents and teachers showed up to watch the students walk across the stage as well as to witness the speeches, singing performance, and Dabkeh dancing that they did during the year. We had speeches from many of the students expressing what they had learnt through the year. It was a very fun and exciting ceremony. Everyone enjoyed the event.

June 8th, 2013:

The school administration distributed the certificates to the students in the Church Hall and gave honor Certificates to the distinguished students. The principal gave a speech, wishing the students a nice and happy Summer Vacation. In this occasion, the school invited all the teachers to have lunch in a nearby restaurant.

June 8th, 2013:

The 4th grade participated in the final event for the Educational Learning which was held in Talitha Kumi School/ Beit Jala, and they presented some drama scenes to the audience. Also the students of the School Environment Club participated in the environmental summer workshop held by The Environmental Education Centre so as to prepare some leaders for to run the environmental clubs in the schools.

June 14, 2013:

The Dabkah Group participated in the opening Festival of “Living Bethlehem” held by the Holy Land Trust. The audience was very pleased with the show and the performance they did.

June 19-21/2013:

The Model United Nation – MUN – ten students from the 10th grade participated in a new workshop program called MUN in Talitha Kumi School for three days. In this workshop they learnt how to use several skills such as: Debating, presenting speeches etc… and also having a good idea about the United Nations institutions and its system.


June 21 +22/ 2013:

The principal Mr. Shawqi Hawwash, Mr. Nadim Qumsieh and Mr. Attalla Dannon participated in a conference called “ Living in the Holy Land – Respecting Others” held by the Arab Educational Institution/ Bethlehem. In this conference Mr. Shawqi was in charge of one of the sessions which were about what the students did through the year and workshops they had.

June 23-25/ 2013:

The Director of the Education Office arranges a trip to the north for all the teachers and their families.  They travelled to the North. The school worked to obtain permissions for the teachers and their families to go up to places like Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberius, on the Sea of Galilee, and Jericho. It was two overnights trip and they stayed together at a hotel. The trip was fantastic and all of them had fun. There are many pictures from the trip to document because it was a very valuable experience for all of them. In this country, it is difficult for people to move throughout the area. It is not easy for teachers to receive permission often to travel, and so it is a great opportunity for the school to facilitate this trip for them to see the beauty of the land around them.