January Newsletter 2014

January 4th: Friends from Osnabrück, Germany visited us here in the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour. Together, we signed a school partnership.  This partnership is between our school, the Evangelical Lutheran School, and their school, Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule. This partnership was signed by representatives of both schools in cooperation with the German Palestinian Association. The goals of this partnership include the following

To build up a partnership between the two schools of Beit Sahour and Osnabrück

To promote and develop links between the schools by bringing together the students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures

To agree to a shared vision for collaboration through joint projects and regular visits

To provide further opportunities for the students and the staff from both schools to develop both personally and educationally through the participation in this partnership scheme.

We are thrilled to be in partnership with Erich-Maria-Remarque Realschule of Osnabrück, Germany.  We look forward to building a strong relationship and close ties with the students and staff of this school.  In addition, we will develop a student exchange program between the two schools. This exchange program will begin in the next academic year.


January 11th: The second semester of school has started. We were very happy to welcome our teachers and students back into the classrooms after they spent a wonderful Christmas holiday with their friends and families. Before classes began, the administration took time to encourage all of our students as we embark on a new semester, inspiring motivation especially for those who can improve from their work during the first term.


January 20th: The administration honored the distinguished students from all of the classes who received high-average marks during the first semester. Then, at the end of the day, teachers from each class distributed the certificates to their students. The students were pleased to receive the certificates for all of their hard work.

January 21st: Three couples from the United States visited our school and took time to learn about the history of the school and the stages of its growth and development. During their visit, they gained insight to all of the programs that are implemented at the school. They even offered an idea for the school to export some of our student-made olivewood crafts to be sold in the United States. The school welcomed the idea and left the visitors with some samples of the handcrafted items for them to bring home and to hopefully promote future orders from abroad.

January 28th: In order to develop and promote relationships between our school and other institutions within the Bethlehem area, we arranged for a group of students from Caritas Baby Hospital to visit the school and give lectures to grades 1 through 4 at the School Hall.  Through the lectures, our students learned not only about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy food, but they also heard about personal self-awareness. Our goal in providing this opportunity for our students is to teach them what types of healthy food they should enjoy and what types of food to avoid. This gives them the chance to make good food choices and develop healthy eating habits, giving them the tools they need to take care of themselves.



Supporting the Vocational Education Program 2014.

In order to support the vocational program at the school, the administration and the teachers encourage our students to learn how to produce Christmas ornaments using simple raw materials. The handmade ornaments are then used to decorate our Christmas tree, along with strings of colored lights to lighten the tree. Our encouragement and instruction provided the students the inspiration to create many beautiful ornaments, which was enjoyable for them to learn during the Christmas holiday.

The administration of the school was able to purchase an electric sewing machine this scholastic year of 2013-2014 in support of our Vocational Program. Students can now further the development of their sewing skills and are able to produce ornately designed embroideries among being able to accomplish other basic sewing tasks with clothing materials.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jerusalem hosted a Christmas Bazaar for the Lutheran community. Many things were on display at the bazaar such as edible treats, decorative items, clothes, handicrafts, books, etc. Some of the handicrafts that were available for sale were made by our students in their activities at school. These included some olive wood carvings, some homemade candles, hand-sewn embroideries, and other items. The bazaar was a hit, and it was especially exciting to see many of the visitors impressed by the work of the students