Feb Newsletter 2014

Tuesday 4th: In preparation of the English Bowl, we held the class screening of the spelling bee for classes 8, 9, and 10. Students competed until eight winners were announced from each class. Our friend Mrs. Chelsey, a YAGM volunteer, led the spelling bee by reading the words to the competing students

Wednesday 5th: The Student Senate arranged a contest called Ask and Answer. The contest took place at the end of the day between the eighth and ninth grades, while the administration facilitated. The students enjoyed the contest and were enthralled with the information they learned.

Thursday 6th: The school welcomed two German storytellers who met the 10th grade students and read two German stories. The first story was read from a book, while the second story was acted out using the German language. This event allowed our students to be exposed to the German language through native speakers. The students were fascinated to hear these German stories. They enjoyed both performances.

Thursday 6th: The school arranged two lectures. One lecture was for the 9th and 10th grades combined, and one lecture was for the 11th grade. The lectures were given on the science and humanity streams. Both lectures were given by Al-Naizak Institution. These lectures encouraged our students to be inventive and create any scientific ideas they have. The lectures also encouraged our students to present their inventions in competitions at the national level.


Thursday 6th: The school welcomed a group from Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture in Bethlehem. The group spoke to this year’s ELS graduating class.  They presented information on the courses and degrees they offer at the university. Part of the university’s mission can be read below.


Friday 7th: The Environmental Club, comprised of students from different classes, took part in a day trip to Jericho area as part of their science curriculum activities. They visited Wadi (Valley) Qelt, where there is a small spring and a very beautiful landscape. There, the students learned about the Fiona and Flora of the area. Their teacher taught about the ecology and wildlife of the area. Additionally, students had the chance to practice bird watching with binoculars. The Environmental Club hiked through the Valley for three hours until they reached the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint George. There, the students learned the history of the monastery


Monday 10th:- The Student Senate organized a football match between the school football team, consisting of players from the 10th grade, and a team of teachers. The match was full of fun and exciting moments, and was enjoyed by the rest of the students and teachers who were cheering from the sidelines. Though the competition between the instructors and the instructed was fierce, everyone played with good sportsmanship. You could even hear the onlookers cheering on both sides throughout the match. The teachers were valiant in their efforts, but the battle was finally won by the 10th grade team

Tuesday 11th: The Student Senate organized two separate competitions of Questions and Answers, the first one between the 10th and 11th grades, and the second between the 8th and 9th grades. The students were able to arrange everything with some guiding help coming from the teachers of the two classes, among others who helped with organizing at the Hall. The Student Senate developed all of the questions on their own, drawing from both the classroom curriculum and other, outside sources. The two winning teams came from our 10th and 8th grades

Tuesday 11th: The administration of the school arranged for a photography workshop with Bethlehem University’s Institute for Community Partnership (ICP), and fifteen of our students, from grades 8 and 9, participated. The idea was derived from wanting to provide an opportunity for our students to learn new skills in photography, taking photos using digital cameras. As a follow-up to the workshop, we will have ongoing meetings in the coming weeks, leading up to a student trip. On the trip, they will have the chance to employ the new techniques they’ve learned from the workshops.

Wednesday 12th: Educational Trip to HebronThe school organized an educational trip to the Polytechnic College in Hebron in order to support our school’s program, “Career Counseling Program for 10th grade.” The goal of this trip was to give our students information about the vocational education that our universities and colleges have for students. Another goal of this trip was to encourage our students to study and specialize in available courses in order to benefit our society in their futures

Thursday 13th: The school organized a German day for the 5th graders at the Lutheran schools in order to encourage the students to study the German language. The activity was done after the school day with the help of the German teachers at each school and also with the help of the Goethe Institute at Ramallah


Thursday 13th: With the help of the DEO Office at Jerusalem, the school organized a lecture regarding the role of parents in teaching and supervising their students. The aim of this lecture was to make sure that the parents are aware of the important roles they play at home for their children. Moreover, the lecturer emphasized the emotional, social, cultural, and the educational needs of their children, as outlined in our school’s holistic approach


Thursday 13th: With the help of our social worker, the school organized workshops entitled, “Students Mediation.” Our 6th and 7th grade classes will participate in these workshops every two weeks. The purpose of these workshops is to teach the students how to deal with minor and major problems that might happen between students at school. The workshops’ methods are based on scientific and logical ways of solving these student conflicts

Saturday 15th: The Palestinian Medical Relief Society, in partnership with the school administration and the school social worker, organized several workshops on different subjects for the following classes

Thursday 13th: In partnership with the Student Senate, the school organized a Valentine’s Day celebration in the school’s Hall. The Student Senate presented a brief history of Valentine’s Day at the beginning of the celebration.  Then, our students purchased tickets for soft drinks and snacks. Students danced and had a lot of fun celebrating this special day:

a- First and second grades: The Palestinian Medical Relief Society presented on body awareness. They emphasized how to stay healthy by keeping clean bodies, faces, teeth, and hair.

b-Seventh and eighth grades: The Palestinian Medical Relief Society presented on growing and changing teenage bodies. They discussed the advantages and challenges in this phase of life.

c-Ninth and tenth grades: The Palestinian Medical Relief Society presented on appropriate student conduct at school, home, and other public places.  They discussed ways to behave in responsible and respectful ways

Tuesday 18th: Along with the Ministry of Education, Directorate of Education in Bethlehem, the school and administration arranged an art workshop for the art teachers of Bethlehem area’s governmental schools.  Mr. Nadeem Qumsieh, the art teacher at our school, gave practical lessons and demonstrations to the attending art teachers. They used all the equipment and materials needed to draw photos using oil, to make ceramic pots, cups and plates using clay, and to colour the ceramics and pieces they created. The first aim was to teach the art teachers how to make artificial things in order to teach their students back at their schools. The second aim was to build on our good relationships with the governmental schools and their teachers

Monday 24th: The school administration arranged and organized with the owners - a visit to the local shops, supermarket, bakeries, groceries, different workshops and medical centers …etc.  at the area for the kinder-garten students. The aim of these visits is to give the students an idea about what jobs and careers we have at the town of Beit Sahour.  Moreover, these visits have done because they are having lessons concerning the society, knowing your country and also to know about jobs and careers. The students enjoyed these visits


Friday 14th: the Enviromental club organized a voluntery work which was planting trees in Palestinian Farmers Fields . this kind of work can encourge the spirt of voluntery work in the students.