March Newsletter 2014


Thursday 27th, February: The school organized an educational trip for the 10th grade to support their Career Counseling Program, where those students had the opportunity to learn more about career options in the area by touring local workshops, factories, and the Vocational Training Centers. They enjoyed their visit to the Hebron Polytechnic College at Hebron City where they were presented with valuable information regarding courses offered by the school, as they relate to the needs of the Palestinian economy

Saturday 1st, March: The German Reading Competition took place between various Bethlehem schools that offer German Language instruction at the Peter-Netekoven / Catholic School in Beit Sahour. Our school participated in the event represented by five students from the 7th through 11th grades. We came in first place in the reading competition for the 11th grade, second place for the 10th, and third place for the 9th and 8th grades. The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to learn and love the German Language. We also give our students the opportunity to study in Germany and we support their participation in exchange programs so they can represent the school and speak about their life, family, school, country and etc

Monday 3rd, March: The School’s Dabkeh Group performed for two different audiences. One performance took place in the YMCA and the other in front of foreign visitors in a Bethlehem restaurant. In addition to these performances, the school performed in Bethlehem at a competition organized by The Directorate of Education Office in Bethlehem. The competition was open to the Palestinian Folklore Dancing Groups in all of the Bethlehem District

Tuesday 4th, March: An educational group from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and a university in Michigan visited the school and learned about the establishment of the school and its history. Also, they were presented with information regarding the programs that are implemented at the school alongside the non-curriculum activities we offer. The group had the chance to meet with Mr. Salim Jaber who spoke more specifically about the teaching systems used at our school. In addition, they met one of our graduates who is now an English teacher at the school. They were very pleased and delighted to visit the school and learn more about what we do

Wednesday 5th, March: The school held the Internal Bowl for competing students in grades 8-10. Those students who competed today were the winners from the previous round of competition during the class screening.  The two competitions included the mini-talks and the spelling bee.  The winners of the mini-talk competition include Fadi Al-Yatim and Oula Bannora from grade 8, Fadi Ishaq and Jina Rishmawi from grade 9, and Ameer Ayash and Mugiel Kheir from grade 10.  The winners of the spelling bee include Lourd Qumsieh and Siwar Gharib from grade 8, Ahmad Hasanat and Wisam Rishmawi from grade 9, and Hadeel Nasri and Zein Yacoub from grade 10. These winning students will compete in the final round of their respective competitions during the ELCJHL Spring Educational Day

Tuesday 18th, March: A Finish group, consisting of 17 people who support our students and school, visited us and learned about the history of the school. Moreover, Mr. Salim Jaber spoke and described the different programs the school implements for our students. Also, he spoke about the three programs that the Finnish Church and government specifically sponsor – the Vocational Education, the Special Education, and the Sponsorship Programs


Thursday 20th, March: The Kindergarten celebrated Mother’s Day with a carnival for the students. The students came to school in the morning dressed in many different colorful costumes and disguised clothing. The students celebrated together with their teachers and enjoyed singing songs, dancing, and playing games with each other

Thursday 20th, March: Two different groups visited the school, including a group of 30 from Germany and a group of 14 students from Sweden. Both groups were presented with detailed information about the history of the school and its establishment. Moreover, they also learned more specifics of the teaching system and the implementation of the different programs we offer at the school. They visited the workshops at the school and also visited the classes in the Kindergarten. The Swedish group visited many other classes and spoke with members of our Student Senate, learning about their daily lives and about how the political situation affects their study


Thursday 20th, March: The school organized an activity for the seventh grade with the Environmental Education Centre (EEC) to plant trees at Im Salamonah village near Bethlehem. The goal of this project is to keep the ownership of the land in the hands of its owners, Palestinian farmers. The trees prevent attempts by the Israel Government to confiscate in order to continue the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the middle of the land

Friday 21st, March: The School of Hope at Ramallah invited the other three schools of the Lutheran Church for its sports day. The School of Hope organized different games and matches between the school teams, playing football and basketball

Sunday 23rd, March: The ELS Mediation Group took a trip to Jericho. The ELS group traveled along with the Mediation Groups of Talitha Kumi School in Beit Jala and Dar al-Kalima School in Bethlehem. The Mediation Group teachers and staff from the participating schools brought nearly 40 students. The goal of this trip was to encourage the attending students to implement the processes of mediation at their schools. These students participate in workshops twice each week, learning how to use the skills for solving conflicts between students. In addition, these students learn how to lead the dialogue between conflicting students in order to solve issues. The students spent the day in Jericho visiting historical and religious sites as well as beautiful parks

Thursday 27th March: Our school staff honored this year’s graduating class by taking them to lunch at the Grotto, a favorite local restaurant. We celebrated the accomplishments of our 35 students who will graduate from ELS this spring

Thursday 27th March: Students and staff participated in a school wide assembly.  The event began with the playing of the Palestinian National Anthem.  Then, students from grades three, four, and seven did special presentations consisting of songs, chants, and skits.  The upper level grades recited some poetry in honor of last week’s Mother’s Day.  To conclude the assembly, the school’s Dabkeh dance group performed