April Newsletter 2014


Thursday 3th: A group from Germany called ZFA visited the school. They received a presentation about the programs that the school implements for its students. Moreover, they had a tour and visited the Vocational Educational workshop, the special education classroom and the Kindergarten. They were very pleased to hear about all the programs that we conduct at the school.


Thursday 3th: The 10th grade students participated in a Battier Village trip, supported and donated by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Center in Bethlehem. The purpose of this visit was to teach students how to recognize archeological sites and how to preserve them for other generations to enjoy in the future.

Friday 4th: The school participated in the ELCJHL Annual Table Tennis tournament at Dar al-Kalmia School in Bethlehem. The school took first place in the boy’s individual competition and second place in the boy’s doubles competition. On the girl’s side, this was the first year that the ELS girl’s team participated.  All participating students did a great job

Thursday 10th: A teacher from one of our German partnership schools, Rich Maria School, visited with her family. This visit allowed us to strengthen the new partnership and deepen the relationship between the two schools. They learned about the programs that our school offers. Also, they were given a brief history about the establishment of the school and its development since then. They also visited classes, met students and talked with them about the typical school life here in Beit Sahour. Moreover, they had a meeting with Mr. Salim Jaber, Deputy Principal, to discuss the partnership program and how to implement the cultural exchange between the two schools. They agreed that next year, a group from the ELS will visit the school in Germany. The following year, then, a group from the Rich Maria School will visit the ELS


Friday 11th: One of the great donors of the school, Rev. Jean Hughes, visited the school and stayed five days in Beit Sahour. Mr. Salim Jaber arranged this visit for her so she may visit the sponsored students and their families at the congregation of Temple Church. She was very delighted and pleased with the visit. The administration, of course, was very happy to welcome her to our school.

Saturday 12th: The Scientific and Art Exhibition was officially opened at 10:00 am with the presence of the city mayor and some members of Beit Sahour Municipality. Guests were also invited to participate in the official opening of the Exhibition and, of course, the administration, staff and students were present to welcome all guests. The Exhibition included the students’ work from throughout the year including all experiments that they accomplished. Also, students prepared educational aids and equipment in addition to the artwork that they produced in workshops and during art lessons. Each group explained to the guests the details of their work. Some groups explained their work in the English or German language because the school had visitors from England and Germany. These international visitors stayed with host families during their time here. Other schools from the Beit Sahour area were invited to come and see what our students produced and worked on during the 2013-2014 scholastic year. The main goal of this Exhibition is to urge our students to work hard and to give them the chance to show their skills and what they have learned this year. A second goal is to teach our students in a holistic approach. The administration is planning to develop a chemistry and physics lab, equipped with the necessary materials to enhance our students’ learning.

Sunday 13th: A German group from Faust Gymnasium School in Staufen, Germany near Freiburg City, including 35 students and 5 teachers, visited the school. The visiting students spent three days with host families of our students. The aim of this visit was to learn about the Palestinian conflict through speaking to our students, meeting local people and visiting nearby places. Mr. Salim Jaber accompanied the group during the visit and explained to them the goals of our school and the programs that we have in our curriculum. He arranged a schedule for the group to visit different classes from the 1st grade to the 11th grade. This allowed our visitors to participate in school life and to create dialogue with the students about their lives and how the apartheid wall affects their lives and families.


Tuesday 15th: A Swedish group consisting of 13 persons visited the school offers. They had a tour of the school and listened to a brief history about the development of it. Moreover, they visited the workshops, the Kindergarten and the library. They also learned about the different programs that the school implements with the students at different grade levels. They were very pleased to hear about the activities and programs that the school offers

Wednesday 16th: The school participated in the Math Olympiad competition organized by the Director of Education Office (DEO) at each school in the Bethlehem area. One of our students from the 7th grade represented the school, and he took seventh place


Thursday 16-26th: The school closed its doors during the Easter holiday in order to allow the students, staff and administration enjoy time with their families during the blessed Easter season


Wednesday 23-24th: These days marked the launching of the Model United Nations (MUN) of the Lutheran schools, including Hope School in Ramallah, Dar al-Kalima School in Bethlehem and the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour. The ELS hosted the two-day workshop, where the participants distributed among the classrooms to practice their roles of representing the countries assigned to them. After the first day’s sessions, the students celebrated a social event at Abraham’s Heritage in Beit Jala. The students of ELS and Dar al-Kalima hosted the students from Hope School for one night in their homes. MUN leaders, who were trained last year, from the three Lutheran schools took control and trained the new participants for the 2014-2015 scholastic year.


Friday 25th: The school hosted the chess competition between schools of Beit Sahour. This competition was organized by the Beit Sahour Municipality and NGOs of the town in the Annual Cultural Sport Festival. Our students from grades 8-11 took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in this year’s competition.

Monday 28th: The students of the 10th grade went to the School of Hope in Ramallah to present their research papers concerning the Career Counseling Project. This project is for all 10th grade students in the four Lutheran schools. The aim of this event was to encourage the students to exchange their experiences in doing a research paper. The day was great and full of creative ideas.


Wednesday 30th: The school hosted representatives from the Lutheran Churches of Germany and the USA. Dr. Charlie Haddad, the Director of the Education Office (DEO,) spoke to the group about the educational system of the Lutheran Schools, the mission and the goals that the church implements at the schools. Moreover, he spoke about the poor economic situation that the church and school are enduring. After that, Pastor Ashraf Tannous spoke to them about the church, the scouts group and the activities that the church holds with its congregation. Finally, Mr. Salim Jaber spoke with them about the programs that are implemented at the ELS, and they visited the vocational workshop, Kindergarten, the nursery class, the library and the souvenir shop of the school. They were pleased to hear about all the programs and activities that the school offers its students