May 2014 Newsletter

Saturday 3, 2014:

The Evangelical Lutheran School held a folklore musical concert on May 3, 2014 in the Russian Culture Center in Bethlehem. The ceremony was attended by a large number of the school’s friends and the students’ parents in addition to the students. The ceremony began with the Palestinian National Anthem played by the school brass band, Brass for Peace

After that Mr. Hawash, the school principal, welcomed the audience and thanked those who worked hard to put this event together, especially those who worked with the bands. After that, the school’s choir performed a song by the Palestinian Poet, Mahmud Darwessh, under the name of Al Omnyat, which means the wishes. Some of the students performed some solo songs as well

Moreover, Brass for Peace presented the crowd with some musical pieces with the assistance of their maestro. Then a second group, a folklore dance group, performed with its exceptional dances that wowed the crowd. The junior folklore band was next. The ceremony concluded with a beautiful Palestinian folklore dance, Dabkeh



Tuesday 6, 2014: A VIP delegation of 24 persons from The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nebraska, USA visited the school. They met Dr. Charlie Haddad, the Director of Education, who explained to them the educational system that the Lutheran Church implements in its four schools in Palestine. After that, Rev. Ashraf Tannous met them and spoke about the role of the church and its support to the community and school in Beit Sahour. Then, Mr. Salim Jaber, deputy principal, explained to them about the programs and activities that the ELS offers its students. They had a tour of the school facilities and had a close look at the Vocational Educational Program in the workshops. The group saw how we teach the students with a holistic approach in order to prepare the students for their lives outside of school

Thursday 8, 2014: The ELS in Beit Sahour hosted the annual ELCJHL Spring Educational Day.  Hundreds of students participated from all four Lutheran schools, including ELS, Dar al-Kalima, School of Hope, and Talitha Kumi.  Younger students participated in a variety of activities, such as science and math puzzles, while older students participated in Arabic and English competitions.  This year’s Spring Educational Day played host to the final rounds of the ELCJHL English Bowl and Spelling Bee competitions.  The top two students in grades 8, 9, and 10 from all four Lutheran schools competed in each of these events.  Throughout the day, students displayed their academic skills that they’ve worked so hard to achieve this year at school.  All students performed wonderfully and proudly represented their schools

Friday 9, 2014: Mr. Hani Al-Shomali - Leadership Award. Since 2004, an annual award has been given in honor of the late Mr. Hani Al-Shomali, a graduate of the Evangelical Lutheran School. Each year, one male and one female student from the 10th or 11th grade are selected to receive the honor based on their distinguished work in extracurricular activities and their positive influence in society, both which indicate their future leadership abilities. The six students (3 females and 3 males) are nominated by their classmates, teachers and administration, with special attention paid to their academic progress and activities at school and in the local community. Additionally, there is a special committee who interviews the candidates to evaluate and choose the two recipients from the six nominations. The two award winners are announced at the annual graduation ceremony every year, where they are honored with a plaque and a monetary grant. This year, the committee chose one girl and two male students who shared the award

Saturday 10, 2014: A delegation visited from Pauluskirk, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. They stayed for two days in Beit Sahour. Deputy Principal Mr. Salim Jaber gave them a brief history about the school and also spoke about the wide variety of programs that the school offers its students. Then, they visited the facilities of the school, including workshops, classes and the Kindergarten, where they learned about each place and program that the school offers. In addition, we arranged some meetings for the visitors with some of the people of Beit Sahour. They also visited some institutions and organization around town. They were pleased to hear about these institutions and their work within the community


Saturday 10, 2014: The school participated in the Cultural Artistic Event at the Convention Palace in Bethlehem in cooperation with the Edward Sa’ed National Conservatory of Music. There, the students from the 5th-11th grades enjoyed listening to the Concordia College Orchestra. After that, the students went to visit Salomon’s Pools, Murad’s Castle and the Museum where they learned about the Palestinian traditional and cultural heritage and archeology, examples of which were on display at the museum


Wednesday 14, 2014: A Dutch group of 14 students from the Netherlands visited the school and learned about the programs and activities the school offers for its students. They visited the 9th grade where they presented a brief history about the Netherlands. After the presentation, our students had the opportunity to ask our visitors question about their country and answered their questions in return. Then, our visitors observed the workshops of the school and the music class where they participated along with ELS students in singing and playing the piano

Wednesday 21, 2014: The school started painting a large portrait on the wall of the school a month ago. The portrait represents the traditional and cultural Palestinian life and heritage with the olive tree which represents Peace and Giving. Beside it, there is the school building and the Logo of the school is in the centre of it

Tuesday 27, 2014: The Environmental Education Center (EEC) in Beit Jala in collaboration with our school gave presentations to the first and second grades about taking care of animals. They also presented on the wild and domestic animals and reptiles which live in Palestine and how to deal with them

Friday 23, 2014: Today ELS celebrated the accomplishments of its 35 graduates.  We proudly honored them in our annual graduation ceremony, which took place on the school field in front of hundreds of dignitaries, teachers, families, and community members.  Speakers included the Rev. Dr. Bishop Munib Younan, Director of Education Dr. Charlie Haddad, Principal Shawki Hawash, and representatives from the graduating class.  In addition, the ceremony hosted performances by the Lutheran Scouts, the school Dabkeh group, and the school choir.  The ELS administration and staff were so proud to honor the 2013-2014 graduating class