August 2014 Newsletter

Tuesday 19/8/2014 :The official opening ceremony of the New Math Laboratory which was held at the Evangelical Lutheran School/ Beit Sahour, under the supervision of the World Vision, Bethlehem University/ Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) and the presence of the Directorate of Education/ Bethlehem, principals of the local schools and the math teachers at Bethlehem Area and guests of the school. The teachers will start using it this coming scholastic year 2014/2015. This new laboratory will help the students gain more math skills and enrich their ability in studying math.  Besides the official opening, the Palestinian Folklore dancing group at Bethlehem University “Baqoun” participated in the opening ceremony by presenting a documentary film about their establishment and presented a great performance at the school Hall.They opened the new math laboratory which was established last month at the Evangelical Lutheran School, supported and funded by the World Vision Jerusalem – West bank – Gaza through the Palestinian Church Engagement Initiative and supervised by Institute for Community Partnership/ Bethlehem University, who financed and equipped the laboratory by all means of educational aids and required tools.


Monday 25/8/2014:-Saint Mathew Evangelical Lutheran Church did a Vocation Bible School  “VBS” last July for a whole week  with Miss Lisa Merril and Children aged 4 – 10 years old so as to support the Evangelical Lutheran School at Beit Sahour. The idea came when Miss Lisa Merril sent an e-mail saying that they want to support a school at the Holy Land. They donated 508 US Dollars. The school agreed with Saint Mathew church to do two things: 1. To change the windows of the music room. 2. To buy some sport equipments for the school.