Feb Newsletter 2015

Monday 2nd:With the help of our social worker, the school organized workshops entitled, “Students Mediation.” Our 7th and 8th grade classes will participate in these workshops every week so as to train students from the 5th and 6th grades classes. The purpose of these workshops is to teach the students how to deal with minor and major problems that might happen between students at school. The workshops’ methods are based on scientific and logical ways of solving these student conflicts.

Thursday 5th :Under the supervision of the YMCA, a series of lectures done at the school for the students of the 8th -11th grades about the time management, being a teenage, career healthy life style and education. The students of the 11th grade watch a film about a Youngman who was badly raised by his family.


Tuesday 10th:The school started the preparation of the English Bowl; we held the class screening of the spelling bee and mini-talks presentation for classes 8, 9, and 10. Students competed until eight winners were announced from each class. Our friend Miss Kanika, a YAGM volunteer, was one of the judges for the mini-talk screening.


In the same day, we held the class screening of the Arabic presentation for classes 5, 6, and 7. Students gave mini-talks in Arabic during the screening for the Arabic competition.

Thursday 12th: In partnership with the Student Senate, the school organized a Valentine’s Day celebration in the school’s Hall. The Student Senate presented a brief history of Valentine’s Day at the beginning of the celebration.  Then, our students purchased tickets for soft drinks and snacks. Students danced and had a lot of fun celebrating this special day.


Saturday 14th:The school welcomed four German storytellers – three women and one man- who met the students of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th grades and read stories to them in the German Language. The first story was read from a book, while the second story was acted out using the German language. This event allowed our students to be exposed to the German language through native speakers. The students were fascinated to hear these German stories. They enjoyed both performances.

Thursday 19th:The school welcomed The Deputy Principal of The Matravers School in Bath, United Kingdom, Mr. Paul Clark. Mr. Salim Jaber met Mr. Clark and explained the educational system of the school and the programs that are implemented. Both of them agreed to establish a relationship and agreed to start a Pen-Pal friendship. They also made place to develop the program in the future.



Friday 13th:The Music Therapist – Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs from the University of South Wales, UK visited the school and stayed for a week. She supervised the development of the music therapy sessions done at the Lutheran Schools during the last four years. Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs had a meeting with Mrs. Samar Andoni, Mr. Salameh Bishara and Mr. Salim Jaber. They evaluate the development of the program during the last four years, made future plans for the program and made plans for follow up.

Saturday 21st: A very important delegation of six members from Germany headed by the Bishop of the Lutheran Church at Northern Germany. They were welcomed by Mr. Shawki Hawwash - the school principal. Then Dr. Charlie Haddad – the director of the educational office (DEO) gave them a good presentation about the church educational system in the four Lutheran schools, which are run by the church. After that Mr. Salim Jaber, Deputy Principal, did a tour and explained the programs that the school implements. The delegation was very pleased about the visit and about meeting responsible people

Monday 24th:Under the supervision of The Ministry of Education, Directorate of Education in Bethlehem, there was a Chess Competition at Bethlehem school. Our school participated in the event by sending two students, a male student from the 4th grade and a female student from the 8th grade to represent the school


Tuesday 24th: With the corporation and supervision of Al-Quds University, Faculty of Health Professions, in the Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department, the school arranged a series of lectures about “Taking care of the feet” and an voluntary student foot examination. The student team will be working under the supervision of the specialist Dr. Ameer Rishmawi from Beit Sahour.

Saturday 28th: The ELS in Beit Sahour hosted the German language Reading Competition which was supervised and arranged by the school and ZFA - Deutsche Auslandsschularbeit International. The opening ceremony started at 1:30 pm. With a speech by the principal followed by a speech from the German Language Advisor- Mrs. Heike Juras – Bremer.  The school invited guests and friends of the school. Students from nine different schools at Bethlehem participated, including ELS, Dar al-Kalima, School of Hope, and Talitha Kumi. The objective of this competition is to encourage students to speak and read German