March Newsletter 2015

Monday 2nd:-The school launched Educational Activities, a competition between the different classes. The program aims to encourage students to participate and compete with each other within the same class. These educational activities varied from class to another, such as; Reading, writing, presenting a story after reading it, summarizing books and reading for general information

Wednesday 4th:-The school hosted the students from The Life Gate; this institution takes care of children who have special needs. The students from Life Gate met our students from the 4th grade and did some activities together, for the whole day. The aim of this project is to have our students to meet students with special needs and learn how to interact with people whom have special needs

Thursday 5th:-The school organized an environmental educational trip to the villages of Irtas and Al-Khader located to the South West of Bethlehem. The students of the 4th and 5th grades participated went on this trip and learned about the environment and the surrounding area of these villages. The students also learned more about the Fauna and Flora. The students practiced “Bird Watching” in the area. They also visited Salomon’s Pools and learned the history of this area and its importance through ages


Thursday 5th:- The schools welcomed a group of Danish students, as part of a joint exchange program, between our school and a Danish organization. The program was supported by the school and the YMCA. The 11th grade presented a power point presentation about the school and the programs implemented. After that the Folklore Dancing Group – Dabkeh – presented three dance performances to them at the YMCA

Saturday 7th:-With the organization of Bethlehem University, the school welcomed a team of students from the Nursing Department. The University students explained to the 11th grade how to take care of their health and their bodies

Saturday 7th:-  With the organization of The Environmental Educational Centre (EEC), the 8th grade students planted trees in some areas of Beit Sahour; these areas are under threat of confiscation by the Israeli Defense Forces. After planting trees, the centre gave a lecture about the importance of planting trees and maintaining land ownership


Tuesday 10th:- The school held the DSD / German Exam with the supervision of the ZFA – Deutsche Auslandsschularbeit International – for the 9th, 10th and 11th grades. The students sat for two days. The first day was the listening and written exams where they answer on separate sheets. The second day was The Oral Exam, where the students do an interview with the representative of the ZFA. Besides this, the students have to present a presentation about their favorite subject

Wednesday 11th:- The female school football team participated in the annual competition football tournament in the Bethlehem area, between different types of schools which is organized by the Director of Education / Bethlehem. Our team won the second place. Nine schools from the Bethlehem area participated in this event

Friday 13th :- In our annual tradition, we hosted the other three schools, Talitha Kumi in Beit Jala, Dar al-Kalima in Bethlehem, and the Hope School in Ramallah, for a football tournament.  Several students from each school played on teams, while many other students sat in the crowd watching and cheering. Dr. Charlie, school principals, and school deputy principals were also present to cheer on each of the teams. In the end, ELS came in first place, Talitha Kumi came in second place, Dar al-Kalima came in third place, and Hope School came in fourth place. This annual tournament is held in order to implement good spirits and cooperation between all of the schools and their students

Saturday 14th:- The school organized a trip for the students of the 10th -12th grades to Jericho and 10 teachers joined them.  They visited the Baptism Site on the Jordan River. Then, they moved to the Banana Park where they had their lunch and played with the games over there.After that they went to the Mount of Temptation where they used the cable cars to reach the Monastery. They had a great time doing sightseeing. At 5:00 p.m. They came back home


Tuesday 17th:- The school held the Internal Bowl competition for students in grades 8-10. Those students who competed today were the winners from the previous round of competition during the class screening.  The two competitions included the mini-talks and the spelling bee.  The winners of the mini-talk competition include: Issa Daoud and Mary Shomali from grade 8;  Karam Morei and Siwar Gharib from grade 9; and Abdallah Jubran and Fadi Ishak from grade 10. The winners of the spelling bee include: Dumiana Al-Ba'boul and Fadi Bannoura from grade 8; Jiad Jubran and Oula Bannoura from grade 9; and Ahmad Hasanat and George Iseid from grade 10. Those winning students will compete in the final round of their respective competitions during the ELCJHL Spring Educational Day at the ELS / Beit Sahour. They will compete against students from the other ELCJHL schools

Wednesday 18th:- The administration of the school welcomed the Regional Manager of the World Vision. The principal of the school and the Deputy met the Regional Manager. The principle and deputy principle explained the good relationship between the school and the World Vision and in what way the World Vision support the school. Then the Regional Manager spoke about the aim of his visit, which was to evaluate the projects with the school and how these projects help and benefit the Christian students. The administration explained how the school helps the students through the World Vision Projects and also other projects that we implement at the school, for the students benefit


Wednesday 18th:- The school organized a lecture with Al-Quds Bank to visit the school and give a lecture to the 8th grade students. The aims of this lecture are to give the students a good idea about the bank and the services that it provides to its customers. At the end, the students asked a lot of question so as to understand more about the bank work and the kind of the best services provide to students

Thursday 19th:- The school Principal Mr. Shawki Hawwash welcomed the manager of the Finish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM). Mr. Salim Jaber the Deputy, gave them a good idea about the programs that they support – The Special Education and Vocational Programs. They visited: the olivewood craft, the ceramic and the making candles workshops; the souvenir; the kindergarten; the special education class and also they joined a music therapy session. Beside this they had a good idea about the other programs that the school implements. They were pleased to hear about the programs that we had


Saturday 21st:- The school arranged an educational trip visit to Berzait University for the 10th grades. The aim of the visit was to give the students a good idea about the university and its departments and to help students know more about the programs, subjects and courses that it gives. The second aim was to support the program of “Career Counseling” that the school implements. In this program the students have to write a scientific research paper, where they have to answer some questions concerning their future and what they want to be and study


Saturday 21st:- The school organized a Carnival day for the Kindergarten – the children were dressed in colorful clothes. Some of the parents joined them at the playground and they had fun


Monday 23rd:- The school organized a special day forThe Palestinian Medical Relief Association. They visited the school and gave lectures to the students of the 3rd and 4th grades, about good behaviour and how to conduct oneself with their classmates. Moreover, they spoke about good health and healthy food to eat. Then they asked the students to draw each activity and color it.

Tuesday 24th:- The school organized a farewell lunch for the all 12th class students, because it was their last day at school and before the experimental Exams. The students, teachers, volunteers, the parent’s council and the administration celebrated it at a nearby restaurant at Beit Sahour. Everyone enjoyed the lunch


Saturday 28th:- The school organized a trip for the students of the 5th -9th grades to Jericho and 14 teachers joined them.  They visited the Baptism Site on the Jordan River. Then, they moved to the Water Land Park where they had their lunch, played with the games over there swam in the swimming pools.After that, they went to the Mount of Temptation where they saw the place where Jesus was tempted by Satan. They had a great time sightseeing. At 5:00 p.m. They came back home. On the same day the students of 1st – 4th grades went to Aush- Ghurab Park at Beit Sahour – in the East part of the town- where they played the games available there. Some parents joined their kids. Also, the kindergarten went to Beit Jala Park. All the students had fun and enjoyed the day with their teachers and parents


Sunday 29th:-A group of German students from the city of Freiburg visited the school and they were hosted by Palestinian students and families for three days. They had a tour at the school were Mr. Salim Jaber explained to them about the programs implemented at the school. Also they joined classes and participated with the sport and music lessons. At the end of their visit they made a workshop about the Apartheid Wall, Palestinian Refugees and the Palestinian Conflict, with the Palestinian students of the school

Monday 30th:-  A delegation from The Community Relations Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) headed by Mr. Tom Brook visited the school and they were welcomed by Mr. Shawqi Hawwash the Principal and Mr. Salim Jaber the Deputy Principal. Dr. Charlie Haddad. They explained to the delegation the educational system at the Lutheran schools, which are run by the Lutheran Church. Then Mr. Salim Jaber made a tour for the delegation, had workshops and explained to them about the programs that are implemented at the school for the benefit of the students. Moreover they visited the kindergarten, the Computer lab, the library and some classes. They were very pleased and happy to visit the school.


Monday 30th:-  The school participated for the first time in the Academic Decathlon at the Peace Centre, which was organized by the  Jerusalem School Bethlehem (JSB) at Beit Jala. They organized this event for 10 schools every year. Our students from the 11th grade went to the event and we participated with a group of four students represents the 9th &10th & 11th Scientific and Humanitarian. Our students were very impressive in this event. The questions dealt with different subjects such as :

1.     Languages throughout the World (English).

2.     Vocabulary Words (English).

3.     Astronomy and Space (Science).

4.     Biology (Science)

5.     If, Then (Trivia)

6.     Sports (Trivia)

7.     Bible.

8.     Famous Wars & Flags of Countries (History).

 Geometry and Conversions of Standard Units (Math