April Newsletter 2015

Thursday 2nd – Tuesday 14th:-During this time, the school was closed for the Easter Holiday. The school gave colored eggs to the students from the kinder-garten to the fourth grades, celebrating the Easter

Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th:-The MUN students from the 9th and 10th grade participated in the ROSMUN Jerusalem for three days. They discussed several issues concerning the World such as:- The Syrian Crisis , the Yemen war, the global warming , the nuclear weapons etc

During the Easter holiday some students from each class – 4th – 11th participated in different educational events that the Ministry of Education at Bethlehem organized every year between Private and Governmental Schools such as: The Arabic competitions, English, Science, Math, Chemistry and Social Science. We had good places in all the events

Wednesday 8th:-The school participated in the Palestinian Musical Competition which was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education on the National Level. One of our students won the first place on The National Level. She played on the Clarinet


Thursday 9th – Tuesday14th:-Our Palestinian Folklore Dancing Group went to Turkey to perform there in the Turkish Cultural Festival. They were invited by the Municipality of the city of Bursa in Turkey. They stayed in the hospitality of the Turkish people for five days. The group also visited historical sites and had a tour in the city. They enjoyed the trip and had fun

Friday 17th:-The school participated in theELCJHL AnnualTable TennisTournamentat Dar AlkalimaSchool in Bethlehem.  Three students participated in the event from the 9th and 10th grades. The school became in the second place in the boy’s –Paris -competition. On the girl’s side, this was the first year that the ELS girl’s team participated. All participating students did a great job and enjoy the event


Sunday 19th:-The school participated in a trip to Nablus organized by the Arabic Educational Institution - AEI – Bethlehem. Ten private and governmental schools from Bethlehem Area – Christians and Muslims- participated in a program called “Living Together”. The aims of the program are to let the students from different backgrounds and dominations get to know and work with each other and also to visit the Palestinian Archeological sites. All the students had fun and enjoyed the tripThursday 2nd – Tuesday 14th:-During this time, the school was closed for the Easter Holiday. The school gave colored eggs to the students from the kinder-garten to the fourth grades, celebrating the Easter

Tuesday 21st:-The school participated in the Math Olympiad competition organized by the Director of Education Office (DEO) at each school in the Bethlehem area. Students from the 6th, 8th and 10th grades sat for the Olympiad at the Lutheran schools. Also, other private schools participated in the event. The aims are:-

A.   To compare the level of students between schools and students.

B.   To develop the methods and techniques of teaching math at schools.

C.   To identify and solve the problem of teaching math.

D.   To plan other ideas for the future to be implemented

Wednesday 22nd:- The Environmental Educational Centre-EEC- organized a trip to  Tulkarm city with the 7th grade students from all four Lutheran schools implementing the program that the centre launched last March “ The Palestinian Environment Day and the National Identity” The students participated in planting trees and visiting confiscated lands by the Israeli Government for building settlements

Saturday 25th:- The Spring Educational day –SED – theELS in Beit Sahour hosted the annual ELCJHL Spring Educational Day.  Hundreds of students participated from all four Lutheran schools, including: ELS, Dar al-Kalima, School of Hope, and Talitha Kumi.  Younger students participated in a variety of activities, such as science and math puzzles, while older students participated in Arabic and English competitions.  This year’s Spring Educational Day played host to the final rounds of the ELCJHL English Bowl and Spelling Bee competitions.  The top two students in grades 8, 9, and 10 from all four Lutheran schools competed in each of these events. Throughout the day, students displayed their academic skills that they’ve worked so hard to achieve this year at school.  All students performed wonderfully and proudly represented their schools. And delicious lunch dish of rice, chicken, yogurt and juice was served for the participating students and their teachers. Students also had the opportunity to show off their talents in Dabkeh, clarinet, Oud, piano, and singing


Wednesday 29th:-As part of the Career Counseling program, for the 10th grade, the school organized an educational visit to Bethlehem University in order to learn more about the programs that the university implements at its campus. The aim of the visit is to give our students a chance to decide what subject to study for their future

2.     Tuesday 28th:  One of the great donors of the school, Rev. Jean Hughes, visited the school with another five persons represent the congregation of Temple Church at United Kingdom, stayed five days in Beit Sahour. The Alternative Tourism Group –ATG- At Beit Sahour arranged a two days tour for them; one day to Jericho and to the Dead Sea and the other day to Hebron and Bethlehem Area. The rest of the days they stayed at the school were they joined the students in the Open Day. They were very pleased for that.


Mr. Salim Jaber arranged the visit and accommodation for Rev. Jean Hughes and the group. She visited the sponsored students and their families at the congregation of Temple Church. She was very delighted and pleased with the visit. Mr. Jaber gave them a good idea about the educational system and the programs implemented at school for the benefit of students. The administration, of course, was very happy to welcome her and the group to our school.

On Sunday 3rd of May, after the church service, they met all the sponsored students and their families were they spoke together and then the families gave them some gifts as a fair well. After that, they left for a five days tour at the north of Palestine, where they visited historical and religious places and after that they left to Britain