Septemper Newsletter 2015

September 3rd - 9th: A British artist by the name of Kerry Pie visited the city. Her project is called “Beyond Words Gaza” where she has drawn 92 portraits of Palestinian martyrs who were killed in the last war on Gaza and the West Bank. Mr. Salim Jaber, ELS Deputy Principal, arranged everything for her to exhibit the portraits in the Church Hall and invited the community to see the art work display for three days. The students from classes 6th -12th also visited the exhibition and received an explanation about the project and the idea behind it. Everyone was delighted to see the work that the British artist has done to support the Palestinian people. The ultimate goal of the project is to give the portraits to the Palestinian families in Gaza and the West Bank

September 16th:- The school administration organized Parents Councils elections, according to the new bylaws and regulations today. The administration sent an invitation to all the parents to elect the Parents Council, which consists of thirteen members. Before the elections, the old administration discussed the administrational and financial report with the parents’ body. Then, the door was opened for the parents to register their names as candidates. Thirteen names were registered and were chosen as representative of the parents. The duties of the Parents Councils are to work side by side with the administration so as to support the educational process and to keep the school image very high.