October Newsletter 2015

Oct. 3rd:- The Student Senate Election: Under the supervision of the administration office and the Election Committee, the school held the election for the Student Senate on the last two lessons. This morning, there was a debate between the 13 candidates. Each candidate gave a presentation in front of the whole student body about his or her election program in order to convince the students to elect him or her. After the debate, students from 6th – 12th grade participated in electing their candidates. The election committee then began to distribute the votes using the computer and the LCD in front of the student body. The election went smoothly and achieved its purpose in teaching students about democracy and what it means to practice it

Oct. 3rd:- The Second Mediation Program which was implemented at the three schools The Hope School, Ramallah, Dar Alkalima School, Bethlehem and the Evangelical Lutheran School, Beit Sahour, families and friends attended the graduation ceremony of the Mediation Program that took place at the Evangelical Lutheran School Hall. The program encourages students to take more responsibility in their school environment, and offers training so they can mediate among their peers instead of immediately turning to the administration. The Mediation Program includes students from all ELCJHL Schools and students can be identified on their campuses by their red mediator uniforms. The ceremony included words by ELCJHL staff, various performances by the students, and a demonstration of the mediation skills the students learned


Oct 4th – 18th:- The Deputy Principal Mr. Salim Jaber participated in a training course for teachers at the Academy of Dillingen in Germany for two weeks.  The overall aim of the course was to lend support to the transformational process in Arab countries. Participants received information about democratic structures in the educational sector and in society; they got to know participatory and cooperative ways of teaching and of managing schools, and developed intercultural competences. Moreover, they got in-depth information about the educational system(s) in Germany and about initial and in-service teacher development. They had plenty of opportunities to exchange views with experts in the field of education and to network effectively


Oct. 8th:- The Environment Educational Center (EEC) organized a visit to the school for students of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades, to give them a lecture about healthy and unhealthy food. What they have to eat and not to eat so as to keep their body healthy. Also they explain to the students about the healthy habits that they have to do before taking their food

Oct. 10th:-The Environment Educational Center (EEC) organized a visit to the school for students of the 4th 5th and 6th grades, to teach about the advantages of eating healthy and disadvantages of eating unhealthy food


Oct. 13th:- Rev. Johana Olson from ELCA/ Sweden visited the school and she was welcomed by Mr. Shawki Hawwash, the principal, and Mrs. Georgette Alrabadi, the program coordinator at the Director Educational Office. They gave the visitor a brief history about the school, programs, activities, and the educational system implemented at school. She was delighted with all of the schools programs and the good work the school is doing


Oct. 19th:- Picking olives at “Malath Center” with the Environment Education Center EEC, who organized the activity. The idea is to encourage the students to participate and give a hand in helping others. Moreover, the event reinforces their national identity and helps the students to feel responsible about themselves and others


Oct. 19:- Marry T. Murray and Janet McBride, a VIP delegation from Opportunity Palestine who supports Lutheran Schools and Educational Programs in Palestine, visited the school and they were welcomed by Mr. Shawki Hawwash (the Principal of the School) and Mr. Salim Jaber (the Deputy Principal). The delegation took away a good impression about the educational system of the Lutheran School and church. After that Mr. Salim took the group on a tour of the school and its facilities, where they heard about the different types of programs that are implemented with students from 1st grade up to 12th grade. Also, they had a brief history about the school and its development through the years


Oct. 21st:- The school organized The Healthy Day at school, and asked 3 doctors to visit the school and participate in the event. Also, the students from different classes 10th and 11th participated and helped in organizing the Day. They gave lectures about different subjects with power-point presentations, and also they helped with medical checks such as diabetes, optical, audible, blood-group, blood pressure, fat, foot testing and general medical check for all the students of the school


Oct. 23rd:- The Environment Education Center (EEC) organized a workshop for the 8th graders at the ELS School hall for students from the school, and also they invited the Chile School – a governmental school. The workshop was about Palestinian identity and how can students implement it through the environmental activities

Oct 23th:- English language staff of the Lutheran School of Beit Sahour, along with staff from other schools in the district, attended an English Instructor workshop.  The workshop was run by Elizabeth Trost, a teacher in Chicago specializing in teaching English as a second language.  Teachers compared various teaching styles and were introduced to a number of new resources


Oct. 30th:- All 8th grade students from the four Evangelical Lutheran Schools participated in the annual Reformation Day events, which were held at Dar al-Kalima School in Bethlehem. During the day, all of the students presented an activity, a power-point presentation, or a play about the Reformation Day and the role Martin Luther played in the church. Pastors, administrators, religion teachers, the YAGM group and other teachers participated with the students in celebrating the Reformation during the daylong event and eat lunch together


Oct. 31. The Reformation Day Holiday for all schools