November Newsletter 2015

A group of 24 members of the Lutheran Church from Finland visited the school. During their visit, they learned about the work and programs that the school implements for its students. The group had a tour of the school and visited classes, the workshops, kindergarten, souvenir shop, and other school facilities. Mr. Salim Jaber gave them a brief history about the school and its aims. Then, he spoke to them about different types of school programs, including the Vocational Education Program, the Special Education Program, and the Music Therapy Program. He also informed the group about the School Choir, Dabkeh Group, Environmental Club, and other activities in which the school’s students participate

A VIP delegation from the Church of Sweden, Karin Axelsson-Zaar with Mrs. Ulrika Persson the new site coordinator for (SIDA) visited the school. Mr. Shawqi Hawash the Principal and Mr. Salim Jaber the Deputy Principal welcomed them. Then, Mr. Salim Jaber spoke to the delegation about the educational system of the Lutheran Schools, including the mission and the goals that the church implements at the schools. Moreover, he spoke about the poor economic situation that the school is enduring. Finally, he told them about the programs that are implemented at the ELS, and they visited the vocational education workshops, the Kindergarten, the nursery class, the computer lab, the math lab, the library, and the souvenir shop of the school. They were pleased to hear about all the programs and activities that the school offers its students


The Young Women’s Christian Association “YWCA” visited the school and gave a lecture to the 11th students about the effect of BDS on poverty. The aim of this lecture was to let our students know more about the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction Movement in Palestine and how the society can participate in supporting the idea of BDS

The school organized an educational visit for the 11th and 12th grade – Scientific Stream- students to Bethlehem the Science Department. The aims of this visit were to see and know more about the Genetic Laboratory and to have a good idea about the subjects and courses that BU. teaches. Moreover, to have a tour to know more about the facilities and what it can provide to the students. They were accompanied by the scientific teachers from ELS


Two students from ELS, along with students from other Beit Sahour schools, participated in a cultural exchange program with the Midtsjaellands and Dronninglund boarding schools in Demark. They spent about one week in the cities of Copenhagen and Dronnonglund.  The students participated in the local school routine and extra-circular activities, along with sharing their experiences of life in Palestine.  When they returned the students shared their impressions of the Danish people with their classmates


.An English workshop was held at the Lutheran School – Beit Sahour as a continuation for a workshop that was done last week at Dar Al Kalima School- Bethlehem.  English language staff of the Lutheran School of Beit Sahour, along with staff from Dar Alkalima School Bethlehem, attended an English Instructor workshop. The workshop was run by Elizabeth Trost, a teacher in Chicago specializing in teaching English as a second language.  Teachers compared various teaching styles and were introduced to a number of new resources



 Throughout November, The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) presented a series of visits and activities about Healthy and Organic Food. Students in classes seven through eleven participated at the Evangelical Lutheran School- Beit Sahour. On these days, lecturers from the EEC once again visited the school and did lectures about healthy food choices. The lectures included a demonstration of cooking different healthy foods.  Furthermore, they spoke about how to use water in more efficient and sustainable ways. Also, some of the lecturers talked about the environmental national identity and how to implement it through the environmental activities. Also, some lectures discussed the bio-environmental diversity in Palestine

The school organized some sports activities during the day for 6th – 11th grades.  The idea is to create good spirits and cooperation between all of the schools and their students

Today, the school hosted a Norwegian Music Band called Ten Sing, which consisted of 24 members. They put on a performance for the 10th and 11th grades. The group sings, dances, and plays instruments.  A main part of the group is that the youth who make up the group are exposed to leadership positions and working in a democratic environment, as they are the ones in charge of what is performed

Today, we celebrated Palestinian Independence Day at Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour. The celebration took place on the school field, with all students and staff in attendance.  The celebrations began with some speeches prepared by the students.  Principal Shawqi Hawash addressed the students and staff.  He noted the importance of Palestinian Independence Day and why we celebrate it in the schools.  During the rest of the celebration, two student leaders from the eleventh grade served as the MCs.  They introduced each activity of the morning. Next, the Dabkeh teams performed. They showed off all of their hard work and practice. They performed this traditional dance to an upbeat, traditional song.  With great pride and skill, they honored this traditional dance.  Even some of the younger students in the crowed were moved to dance by the traditional Palestinian music. After the Dabkeh performances, two upperclassmen read poetry about Palestinian independence. Once the performances were finished, the school administration presented a few select students. The Palestinian Independence Day events concluded with open Dabkeh dancing where students and staff joined together in celebration


The Students senate arranged with the school administration a contest (Questions and Answers Q+A) between the 5th and the 6th grades. The first aim is to give the students the chance to participate and share their information. The second one is break the ice between students of the two classes. The third aim is to enrich the students with more information. The winner was the team of the 6th grade. At the end, some presents were given to the winners and participants by the administration so as to encourage them and other students


The Environment Educational Centre organized a breakfast for the 10th grade students at the ELS with Hamuda Diary Milk Company. They came to school and presented their milk diary food products to the students. The idea is to encourage our students to support the national products and implement Boycott, Divestment and Sanction -BDS


The school hosted an environmental workshop in association with the Environmental Education Center –EEC- and invited the students of Peter-Niktoven School / Beit Sahour. The idea of the workshop was to enhance and develop the students’ awareness of the environmental problems

The school and the Director of Education Office –DEO- organized a series of workshops starting today concerning the Special Education Program. The teachers who teach the Kinder-garten and classes 1-6 from the three Evangelical Lutheran schools participated in the workshop.The idea is to help the teachers to diagnose the students, who have some problems in studying, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and the four skills. Also, giving the teachers ideas and ways of discovering the students’ problems in earlier ages so as to work on them and solve these problems by helping them

The school welcomed the three representatives from the Welfare Association / Ramallah – Palestine. The Welfare Association announced a prize for projects done in institutions and schools all over Palestine – West Bank and Gaza Strip –. Therefore, the school submitted a project concerning the Vocational Educational Program that the school has implemented for more than 30 years
The school Principal Mr. Shawki Hawwash, Deputy Principal Mr. Salim Jaber, the science teachers and the environmental club at the school participated in The Sixth Palestinian Environmental Awareness and Education Conference (The Gravest Environmental Challenges In Palestine: Reality and Solution Mechanisms) which was held at Bethlehem Hotel in Bethlehem – Palestine
For the second time, The Evangelical Lutheran School at Beit Sahour with the organization of The Institute of AMRA / Nablus implemented the TOEFL® Primary™ Reading and Listening Tests / Step 2 for the Sixth Grade and the TOEFL® Junior™ Standard Test for the Tenth Grade. AMRA gave instructions before the test began. The idea of implementing this Test is to have an idea of the English language level at school. With this information we can strengthen the areas that are weak and progress to more advanced material in areas of strength. The test took 3 hours, for each grade.
The students did an excellent job with the test format, which was different from any test that the students had taken in the past