January 2016 Newsletter

The second semester of school has started. We were very happy to welcome our teachers and students back into the classrooms after they spent a wonderful Christmas holiday with their friends and families. Before classes began, the administration took time to encourage all of our students as we embark on a new semester, inspiring motivation especially for those who can improve from their work during the first term


A group of six students from the Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour, along with two teachers, Mr. Salim Jaber and Miss Hanan Qassis participated in the Palestinian Model United Nations (PAL-MUN) Ramallah at the Boys Friends Schools which held every year. The students represented the Lutheran school –Beit Sahour in the PAL- MUN. The students were well trained in MUN and completed much research about the issues that they had to discuss. These issues, then, were discussed and debated during the MUN forum. This forum included more than 500 students from different schools around Palestine. During the Christmas holiday they did a workshop for four days practicing how to implement the program


The administration honored the distinguished students from all of the classes who received high-average marks during the first semester in the church Hall. Then, at the end of the day, the administration used the Noble Program to publish the certificates for each student. The students were pleased to receive the certificates for all of their hard work

Rev. Eric C. Shaferfrom the United States visited our school and took the time to learn about the history of the school and the stages of its growth and development. During their visit, they taped and gained insight into all of the programs that are implemented at the school. They toured the school and filmed as needed by visiting some academic classes and some complimentary/extracurricular classes and activities, attending a brief folklore dance by the students, and a musical segment performed by the students and a sports activity



The Celina Health Care Centre with the support of the Palestinian Social Working Group for Medical Health Organizations visited the school so as to do some medical examinations in verbal communication, eye sighting and checking the spine of the KG students

The ELS in Beit Sahour hosted the German language celebration which was supervised and arranged by the school and ZFA - Deutsche Auslandsschularbeit International. The opening ceremony started at 1:30 pm. With a speech by Dr. Charlie and then the principal followed by a speech from the German Language Advisor- Mr.Christian Larisika.The school invited guests and friends of the school. Distinguished students were honored by the administration through distributing Honor Certificates to them at the school Hall. Sweets and soft drinks were served after the ceremony


The school cooperated with FELM – Mr. Sami Parkkinen, who is a sound specialist, to record some Christmas and Easter songs done by the school choir, at the church hall, supervised by the music teacher Mr. Wassim Qassis. Graduates also participated in the event by singing or playing the musical instruments. The idea is to record a CD for the school and sell it to groups who visit the school

The ELS in Beit Sahour hosted the German language workshop for the Private and Governmental schools which teach the German Language in Bethlehem area for two days (students and teachers). The aim of this workshop was to prepare, support and encourage the students who will sit for the DSD Exam. The workshop was supervised and arranged by the school administration, the German teachers and ZFA - Deutsche Auslandsschularbeit International