Feb 2016 Newsletter

1.     February 3rd:With the help of the Director of Education Office (DEO) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the school installed three Smart Boards for the 1st &2nd & 3rd grades. The idea is to develop the way of teaching at class and to give access to the children to use the new technology and to be up-to-date.

Smart Boards are becoming an essential component of every classroom.  It can accommodate different learning styles. Tactical learners can use the screen and learn by touching and marking at the board, audio learners can have a discussion and visual learners can observe the teaching on the board. It is neater and does not have the cleanliness hassle and is therefore easier to maintain.

2.     February 16th:The school organized a visit to the Silesian Brothers / Industrial School / Bethlehem. The aim of the visit was to give the students an idea about the vocational and industrial schools in Palestine for the tenth grade students who are implementing the Career Counseling Program. Beside this, the students got more information about what subjects the school teaches. And also, they will know the procedures of attending it – if they want to –


3.     February 18th:The school organized with the Arab Educational Institution a visit to the East part of Bethlehem – the countryside- for the ninth grade, implementing a program called:  Living Together Program - between Christians and Muslims.

The aims of the program are:-

a.     To read some verses from the Holy Bible and the Holy Qura’n.

b.     To know the Eastern countryside of Bethlehem.

c.      To meet local people and know their traditions and customs.

d.     To visit the historical and religious places in the area – Christian and Muslim – and to give a brief history about each place.

e.      To share food with the local people.

4.     February 19th:The school of Dar- Al-Kalima organized an Open Sport Day Event for the Lutheran schools students and for the first time the female students of The Good Shepherd School / Bethlehem participated in the event. The day included the following activities:-


A: Playing football              B: Playing Table-tennis,          C: Playing chess.

After having fun and competing with each other the final results were as follows:-

1.     The school female soccer team won the first place.

2.     The school Chess team also came in the first place.

3.     The school table –tennis double team won the first and second place.

5.     February 19th:The Parents Council of the school donated two lap-tops for the school so as to use them in the 2nd and 3rd classes with the Smart boards, in order to facilitate the teachers’ work with the students.


6.     February 23rd:The Student Senate arranged the annual contest called "Ask and Answer Questions". The first contest took place at the end of the day between the eighth and seventh grades, while the administration and teachers facilitated. The students enjoyed the contest and were enthralled with the information they learned.

7.     February 27th:  The German Reading Competition took place between various Bethlehem schools that offer German Language instruction at Tabitha Kumi School / in Beit Jala. Our school participated in the event, and was represented by five students from the 7th through 11th grades. We came in first place in the reading competition for the Eighth and Ninth grades, second place for the Seventh and the Tenth grades. The purpose of this competition was to encourage students to learn and love the German Language. We also give our students the opportunity to study in Germany and we support their participation in exchange programs so they can represent the school and speak about their life, family, school, country and etc…