April 2016 Newsletter

Saturday 2nd:- The school arranged an educational trip visit to Bethlehem University for the 10th and 11th grades. The aim of the visit was to give the students a good idea about the university and its departments and to help students know more about the programs, subjects and courses that it gives. The second aim was to visit the math and physics exhibition in order to see and learn more about implementing methods in the two subjects

Saturday 3rd:The school participated in the Drawing Competition under the heading of (The International Water Day) that The Water and Sewage Department at Bethlehem District launched last week for all different schools at Bethlehem area. Five students from the ELS - classes 7th through the 10th participated in it. One student from the 9th grade won the competition


Monday 4th:- Agroup of USA church leaders visited the school. They toured the school, while Mr. Salim Jaber/ Deputy Principal gave them a brief history about the establishment the school. Also, he spoke about the programs that are implemented at the school. After that, they visited and joined two English classes the 10th and 9th grades, where they met the students and discussed the Palestinian life situation by asking questions. They were very pleased and impressed about the visit



Thursday 7th:Today during the morning break students brought food and drink for a class breakfast – Healthy Eating -  Each class participated, as did the teachers.  The purpose of this activity is to give the students a short break from their studies, and to build camaraderie within the classes. It was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the idea. The student senate also took responsibility by supervising the event

Thursday 7th:A German group from Faust Gymnasium School in Staufen, Germany near Freiburg City, including 12 students and 4 teachers, visited the school. The visiting students spent two days with host families of our students. The aim of this visit was to learn about the Palestinian conflict through speaking to our students, meeting local people and visiting nearby places. Mr. Salim Jaber accompanied the group during the visit and explained to them the goals of our school and the programs that we have in our curriculum. He arranged a schedule for the group to visit different classes from the 1st grade to the 11th grade. This allowed our visitors to participate in school life and to create a dialogue with the students about their lives and how the Apartheid Wall affects their lives and families


Friday 8th: A VIP- delegation of eight members from The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America visited the school. They were welcomed by Mr. Shawki Hawwash - the school principal. Then Mr. Salim Jaber –the Deputy Principal gave them a good presentation about the church educational system in the four Lutheran schools which are run by the church. After that he did a tour and explained the programs that the school implements. They were very pleased about the visit and about meeting responsible people


Friday 8th: The Beit Sahour municipality invited all different institutions, organizations, schools and clubs in the town to speak and introduce to them a new program called ( The way of Our Father Abraham in Palestine - in Arabic is :- Massar Ibrahim). After that, they suggested to do a trip to the Jerusalem Wilderness for a walk of two – three hours from Al-Fawar Spring to Al-Qelt Spring near the Monastery of St. George of Chozibain Jericho. The principal participated with other institutional members in this trip so as to have an idea about the area and if it is adequate and suitable to take students for this kind of trip. A guide accompanied the group and explained to them about the history and also about the environmental diversity of this part of the area


Tuesday 12th :The school organized a show with The Palestinian Bible Society at Bethlehem to perform a play commemorate the Easter Time in a simple way through sending a message about scarifying for the benefit of others like what Jesus did for us


1.    Saturday 16th:The school organized three trips to the students from the KG. to the 11th grade distributed into the following places:

1.     A trip to Beit Jala city Park for the KG students and their teachers.

2.     A trip to the East of Beit Sahour – Ush Ghurab – for the students of the 1st – 4th grades with their teachers.

3.     A trip to Jericho for the students of the 5th – 11th grades with their teachers.

The aims of these trips are to strengthen the relationship between the students from one side and the teachers on the other side. Moreover, to have fun, to enjoy swimming and the sun with everyone

Tuesday 26th:-The students of the 7th grade and the School’s Environmental Club participated in the Spring Educational Festival which was organized by the Environment Educational Centre. The aims were: - To participate in the festival through drawing, taking photos, writing about the environment and expressing themselves in different ways. Participating in different types of competitions organized by the centre. At the end, the centre distributed gifts to the winners who participated in the competitions


 Wednesday 27th:-The Spring Educational day –SED – the ELS in Beit Sahour hosted the annual ELCJHL Spring Educational Day. Honored guests were invited from the Bethlehem Directorate of Education, Schools’ Principals, Heads’ of NGOs and the Mayer of Beit Sahour Municipality. Besides, hundreds of students participated from all four Lutheran schools, including: ELS, Dar al-Kalima, School of Hope, and Talitha Kumi. The day started with some speeches from school principal and then Dr. Charlie Haddad the Director of Education Office of the ELCJHL. Bishop Munib Younan gave a speech about the importance of these activities; first of all being all schools together and second the knowledge that the students gain from these activities.

After that, there were some different shows and activities. Then, the principal invited all the honored guests for a reception at the Administration Office.

Younger students participated in a variety of activities, such as science and math puzzles, while older students participated in Arabic and English competitions.  This year’s Spring Educational Day played host to the final rounds of the ELCJHL English Bowl and Spelling Bee competitions.  The top two students in grades 8, 9, and 10 from all four Lutheran schools competed in each of these events. Throughout the day, students displayed their academic skills that they’ve worked so hard to achieve this year at school.  All students performed wonderfully and proudly represented their schools. And delicious lunch- different types of home-made pastries and juice was served for the participating students and their teachers. Students also had the opportunity to show off their talents in Dabkeh, clarinet, Oud, piano, Brass performing and singing

Thursday 28th:- For a second time this year 2016, the school arranged a visit to the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Jerusalem for 25 students and 7 teachers, so as to meet with the Notre -Dame School in Mi’ilia which is located in the north of Palestine     The ideas were: -      

     A.  To strengthen the relationship with the Finnish centre who support three programs at the school.                                                                         B. To make a new relationship with a Palestinian Christian School.  

      C. To make a cultural exchange program with the school.   In this meeting, our students presented a Dabkeh dance and also three students played on three different types of musical instruments – Oud, Derbake and Bouzouki. After that, Mr. Salim Jaber – deputy principal gave a power point presentation about the school. Then, the Notre -Dame School did some activities with the two schools so the students could introduce themselves and gets to know each other’s. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the day. A delicious meal with soft drinks was offered by the Finnish Centre for all