School Departments

Science Labs

All grades use the science lab for classes in chemistry, biology and physics. The lab contains the necessary tools and material for conducting experiments. Although it meets the schools basic needs, it is unfortunately too small to allow most of the students to conduct experiments on their own.
New Chemistry and Physics Labs
The Chemistry laboratory was founded in 2012 
Theater Hall

Finished in the late 90s, the theater hall is used for a variety of school activities, such as folklore dancing, choir, plays and kindergarten graduation. Of course it is practical for other activities too, such as lectures, meetings and exams.

Internet and Technology Lab

Here the students are taught how to use the internet for research purposes.


The school's sports activities include soccer, basketball and volleyball, for which we have a modest soccer field and basketball court. The students compete in basketball and soccer tournaments with the four other Lutheran schools in Palestine.

Exercise Room

The name is self explanatory; the room can only be used for exercising. The school is, however, looking for the resources to build a much larger sports-hall.

Ceramic and Wax Workshop

This is the place where the school's crafts and artwork are produced by the students of all grades. Their works of art include Christmas ornaments, an exquisite collection of ceramic plates, cups and vases, as well as beautifully shaped candles featuring the Holy Land.
Music Room

The school is famous for its choir, which has traveled abroad various times. The choir meets in the music room once a week with the music teacher, Dia Rishmawi. The room is also equipped with a variety of instruments for music class. Among other things, the children learn how to play the guitar and piano, as well as air and brass instruments.


Although the selection of books is small, the library can offer literature in the subjects of English, Arabic, Religion, Social Studies, History and Science. Besides books, the teachers and students have six computers for research purposes and a copy machine at their disposal. The librarian, Nuha Hayik, offers her expertise to advise and assist the students conduct their research in the library and on the web. And in their spare time, the students are given the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant game of chess

The Deutschraum

Only German is spoken in this room, which is quipped with a small German library, German posters and German DVDs. Although it is not large enough for regular German classes, smaller groups meet here for special projects.
LCD Room
This room has a screen, an overhead projector and a laptop. It’s used
for showing students’ projects and research that they’ve done for certain
subjects. It’s also useful for different lectures done by teachers at school

    Meeting Room

A new Meeting room has been created this year 2014. This Room will be use for lectures , and meeting .



Math-lab New Opening



Nursery opening . This Class is the first time at our School